UNC Autism Fathers Conference

UNC Autism Fathers Conference

Saturday, September 14, 2019
Location: Chapel Hill, NC

Website Link  http://www.cvent.com/events/unc-autism-fathers-conference/event-summary-498c50ec17f44f77a9af54af9d2be63b.aspx

The UNC Autism Fathers Conference will be a one-day event for fathers with children of any age with autism spectrum disorder. This conference is an outgrowth of one father's journey - award-winning sports broadcaster Dwayne Ballen - and our efforts to expand some of his insights and experiences to a wider audience of fathers.

As Ballen eloquently shared in his memoir, Journey with Julian,

"Our family has been on this journey, through the world of autism, for nearly sixteen years. It's been unpredictable, enlightening, and challenging. The highs have been soaring and the lows almost unbearable. Through it all, what has fortified us are unwavering love and support for Julian, the inspiration we draw from his resilience and strength and a fierce belief in his gifts and abilities. I hope that it helps everyone dealing with autism to realize that the issues they face are shared by others. None of us should feel that we take this journey, into the world of autism, without support and understanding."

This conference is an opportunity for fathers to come together to listen to the experiences of others and - if comfortable - share their own concerns. Fathers have unique issues in raising their children with autism that often are not recognized, and this conference will aim to address the important role of fathers in parenting individuals with autism. Professionals from the sports world and art/entertainment have been invited to talk about their personal experiences in the morning keynote and other conference sessions.