#IDefineMyWellness Twitter Chat

#IDefineMyWellness Twitter Chat

Thursday, May 30, 2019
2:00pmET - 3:00pmET
Location: Twitter

Website Link  https://twitter.com/search?f=tweets&vertical=default&q=%23IDefineMyWellness&src=typd


This Twitter chat will engage the overall disability community in a conversation on what wellness means and encourage the sharing of helpful resources. Based on what is shared, AUCD's National Center on Disability in Public Health will create a brief on health education, policy and practice resources. Our goal is to make this brief available by the ADA Anniversary at the end of July.
Discussion Guests:

Cari Cho, @CornerstoneMoCo
CEO, Cornerstone Montgomery

Mark Crenshaw, @mccrenshaw
Director of Interdisciplinary Training at the Center for Leadership in Disability (UCEDD/LEND) at Georgia State University

Andy Imparato, @AndyAUCD
Executive Director of the Association of University Centers on Disabilities (AUCD)

Chat Guidelines

  1. Questions will be posted to Twitter by AUCD. Each question will begin with an identifier such as Q1.
  2. Each answer should include two things: an identifier such as A1 so people know which question you're answering, and the chat hashtag #IDefineMyWellness so that all parts of the conversation can stick together.
  3. When you refresh your Twitter page, make sure it's set to "latest" so you see the latest tweets in the chat.


Chat Questions

  • Q1.Do you have a #disability? How do you define #wellness? #IDefineMyWellness
  • Q2. How does your definition of #wellness differ from others' definitions? #IDefineMyWellness
  • Q3. Does culture/ethnicity guide your definition of #wellness? How? Please share from your perspective. #IDefineMyWellness
  • Q4. How are people with #disabilities represented within #wellness communities? Why is it important that people with #disabilities are accurately represented? Share examples. #IDefineMyWellness
  • Q5. What resources do you need to make #wellness a priority in your life? #IDefineMyWellness
  • Q6. What #wellness resources (community programs, websites, self-help groups) have you utilized that have positively impacted your life? #IDefineMyWellness
  • Q7. In what ways has your #disability impacted your ability to access #wellness resources in your community? #IDefineMyWellness
  • Q8. What do you want #wellness professionals to know about #wellness and #disability? #IDefineMyWellness


If you have any questions prior to the Twitter chat, please email [email protected].

Hosted by: AUCD's National Center on Disability in Public Health Wellness and Mental Health Learning Group: Cassie Call, Salena Hill, Morgan Lerdahl, Héctor Manuel Ramírez, and Erin Vinoski. AUCD Staff: Adriane Griffen.

https://nationalcenterdph.org / @PHis4Everyone /  [email protected]