How Infographics Can Enhance Your Communications Strategy


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Tuesday, April 5, 2016
2:00 p.m. - 3:00 p.m.
Location: Webinar


Webinar Description

We are constantly seeking ways to best connect the content we develop, particularly research findings, with targeted audiences. It can often be difficult to translate scholarly work in a way that is impactful and accessible to the general public. The utilization of infographics is one compelling way to support dissemination objectives. This webinar discussed what infographics are, why they are important, and how communicators can take advantage of this effective approach.

A Webinar from AUCD's Community Education and Dissemination Council (CEDC)

Presenter: Matt Gianino, Director of Communications, Institute on Disability, NH

Matt has 15 years' experience turning around undervalued organizational brands in the education and nonprofit sectors. With the unique combination of expertise in management, community engagement, design, marketing and communications, Matt has played a significant role in nurturing the growth, reputation and impact of every organization he has been a part of. He has been actively engaged in the digital revolution and is considered an expert on its impact on communications strategy and best practice. With several presentations to his credit, Matt is frequently invited to discuss communications strategy at local, regional and national conferences. Beyond his role as Director of Communications at the UNH Institute on Disability, Matt serves on a number of boards and committees on campus and in the community. Although a seasoned veteran, Matt considers himself a student of his craft and pursues professional learning opportunities regularly.