15th Chronic Illness and Disability Conference: Transition from Pediatric to Adult-based Care

Thursday, October 2, 2014- Friday, October 3, 2014
Location: Online Broadcast Live & Houston, TX

Website Link  http://www.baylorcme.org/search/detail.cfm?cme=954

Registration will soon open for the Baylor College of Medicine/Texas Children's Hospital 15th Annual Chronic Illness and Disability Conference, October 2-3, 2014, in Houston. The "Transition Conference" delivers practical, insightful, and relevant information for physicians, social workers, counselors, faculty, staff, students, youth and young adults with chronic illness and their parents and guardians

Note: AUCD will broadcast this conference to remote sites across the country. A Broadcast Site Registration Form and Technical Specification Form will be emailed to the Network.  Please contact Rebecca Carman with questions.