The Mini-Course on Disabilities: What it Means to be Different, What it Means to be Human

Wednesday, May 2, 2007
9:30am ET - 12:00pm ET
Location: LIVE: Temple University, Philadelphia, PA

This event is part of:

The Mini Course Series on Disabilities
Presenting New Approaches and Promising Practices
Spring 2007 - Focus on Autism
Institute on Disabilities at Temple University, College of Education

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What it Means to be Different, What it Means to be Human

Daniel Gottlieb, PhD
Psychologist & Family Therapist, Radio Talk Show Host, Lecturer and Author

Wednesday, May 2 LIVE
Temple University Student Activity Center II
1755 North 13th Street
Philadelphia, PA 19122

Thursday, May 10 VIDEO
Radisson Hotel, Green Tree Pittsburgh
101 Radisson Drive
Pittsburgh, PA 15205

9:30 a.m.-noon (8:30 a.m. registration) for both sessions

The focus of this workshop will be about understanding the larger perspective of what it means to be human as a way of breaking down prejudice and diminished self-esteem. Dr. Gottlieb will review the evolving understanding of the nature of disability. He will also offer explanations about the nature of alienation and stigma.

In addition, a panel including an individual with autism, a family member or parent, and a professional in the field of Autism will participate in this workshop. The facilitated panel discussion features Kevin T. Casey, Deputy Secretary, Office of Developmental Programs, PA Department of Public Welfare and Nina Wall-Cote, Director of the Bureau of Autism, Office of Developmental Programs.

Objectives of this workshop:

  1. Recognize the importance of discussing disability in terms of respect and accommodation for human diversity.
  2. Derive fresh insights into the internal lives and experiences of persons with autism and other disabilities.
  3. Share a sense of validation, from an understanding of the importance of individual stories.
View the event brochure (Word) (PDF) for registration information.