Archived 2014 UCEDD Annual Report Webinar


pdf File UCEDD PPR Debriefing - Resolutions - 4.4.14 (127KB) [download]

pdf File 2014 UCEDD Annual Report Webinar Transcript (41KB) [download]

pdf File 2014 Final Definitions: Updated definitions based on the review of feedback on annual reports are reflected in the document: (18KB) [download]

pdf File UCEDD Annual Report Guidance (new, starting with 2013 Annual Report) [download]

nirs/NIRS_training_fy2014_UCEDD_PPR/Suggestions for Initial Outcome Questio File Suggestions for TA: Initial Outcomes Questions [download]

Thursday, April 17, 2014
4:00 pm - 5:30 pm ET
Location: Webinar

Webinar Description:

AIDD has completed their review of all 2013 UCEDD Annual Reports, and met with AUCD to discuss any notable findings and issues with the format and structure of the report. AUCD also received input from many of you regarding concerns or clarifications related to the Annual Report. We worked with a small group of data coordinators and directors to address these items, and have identified resolutions that appropriately address outstanding issues. During this webinar, we reviewed the changes made directly in NIRS.

Topics and start times*:

  • 0:00 - Welcome, Introductions, and Webinar Overview
  • 1:29 - Housekeeping Details
  • 3:18 - UCEDD PPR Debriefing for 2014
  • 4:30 - UCEDD Annual Report Guidance
    Part 1A:  Work Plan Progress Report
    Part 1b:  Summary of Evaluation Results
  • 8:34 - UCEDD Resource Center
    Issue # 3:  Annual Report Examples
  • 10:15 - NIRS Annual Report
    Issue # 4:  GPRA Measures Error
  • 12:26 - NIRS Activity Record
    Issue # 5:  Technical Assistance Core Function
  • 15:18 - NIRS Resource Page
    UCEDD to AIDD (Suggestions for TA for Initial Outcomes)
  • 16:30 - NIRS Resource Page
    Issue # 6:  2014 Final Report Definitions
  • 20:35 -  NIRS Annual Report Page
    Issue #7:  Info. Dissemination
    Issue #8:  Research (Measures of Improvement, Customer Satisfaction)
  • 28:51 - Chat Box Questions
  • 32:40 - Core Function (Research)
  • 36:10 - NIRS Database:  Demographics (Diversity)
    Issue #9 Directory Data se
  • 40:27 - Questions


Dawn Rudolph leads the AIDD TA team in providing support to projects funded by the Administration on Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities. This includes technical assistance to the national network of University Centers for Excellence in Developmental Disabilities (UCEDDs), the National Gateway to Self-Determination, Think College, and the National Service Inclusion Project.