Prevention of Abuse and Neglect Online Leadership Seminar

Monday, April 16, 2007- Monday, June 4, 2007
Location: Online Course

Enrollment limited to the first 20 paid applicants.
Deadline for Registration is April 9, 2007.
Introductory Enrollment Fee $125 per person.

This course is specifically designed for program coordinators, QMRPs, front-line supervisors, quality assurance personal, leadership staff and change agents from organizations that provide support to adults with developmental disabilities and state quality assurance personnel.

Research-based, Relevant Content: This course provides guidelines for creating environments where both those receiving support and those providing it are safe and feel respected. Participants and a facilitator form an online community to discuss issues related to abuse and neglect prevention.

Participants will learn how to:

  • Recognize risk factors for staff as perpetrators and individuals receiving services as potential victims
  • Identify corporate and environmental support that foster positive relationships
  • Implement positive practices that decrease the likelihood of mistreatment

Option for Graduate Credit: The course carries one semester hour of graduate credit from Minot State University ($50 recording fee NOT included in registration).

Course Outcomes: Seminar graduates have reported the following outcomes as a result of their participation in Midewin's Online Leadership Seminar in Prevention of Abuse and Neglect.:

Plans to Alter Personal Practices

• Empower consumers by increasing opportunities for choice • Focus more on "unseen" indicators • Be more of a "mentor" than a "best friend" • Evaluate incident reports to look for ways to decrease incidents • Revise interview questions for direct support applicants • Emphasize teamwork among staff - Teach staff to share what they know about individuals supported • Connect self-advocates to families, professionals, and state personnel • Create support plans for staff • Learn about alternative behavioral support approaches • Research legal protections for consumers

Promote Changes to Policy and Procedures

• Implement or revise prevention of abuse and neglect training • Emphasize interaction patterns that empower and increase opportunities for choice • Include behavior change as indicator • Provide on-site 1:1 training • Make training more interactive • Include people supported in training for staff • Create a procedure for sexual abuse prevention • Develop transportation procedures that limit opportunities for abuse and neglect • Get people receiving supports more involved in agency decisions • Evaluate practices and adjust accordingly • Start an abuse/neglect committee to institute proactive approaches to prevention • Recommend that Human Rights committed provide more scrutiny when reviewing plans that focus on teaching "compliance".

Maximize Your Training Dollars

Save Time - Classes take place anywhere there is Internet service. Staff complete coursework within their regular work hours no matter what shift they work.
Save Money- Save travel time and expenses. Pay staff only for the time they are participating in the coursework. Low registration fee covers the equivalent of two full days of training. No books, no mileage, no per diem.... just $125 per person.
Save Someone - After all, isn't that why we're in this field? A confident, well-prepared work-force is one of the single most important bulwarks against maltreatment of those we serve and support. Remember: Abuse is NOT inevitable!
To Register:

Call: (800) 233-1737 (North Dakota Center for Persons With Disabilities).  Ask for Susan or Cheryl.


Email Mary Mercy  or Kari Arrayan.