MCHB/AUCD Pediatric Audiology Webinar Series 2012-2013

MCHB/AUCD Pediatric Audiology Webinar Series 2012-2013

Monday, November 5, 2012- Monday, April 29, 2013
Location: webinar

Webinars in the Series

  1. Pediatric Grand Rounds
    Featuring: Children's Hospital Boston
    Featuring: The LEND of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
  2. Western Adventures in Audiology
    Featuring: University of Utah Regional LEND, Utah
    Featuring: JFK Partners at University of Colorado
  3. Leadership in Action
    Featuring: University of Miami, Mailman Center for Child Development
    Featuring: University of South Dakota, Center for Disabilities
  4. Unique Service Delivery Models and Training in Pediatric Audiology
    Featuring: Waisman Center, University of Wisconsin
    Featuring: Vanderbilt LEND, Vanderbilt University


About the MCHB/AUCD Pediatric Audiology Webinar Series

Funded through the Maternal and Child Health Bureau (MCHB), the MCHB/AUCD LEND Pediatric Audiology Training Program supports 10 LEND programs to increase the didactic content and clinical experience of trainees in pediatric audiology. This webinar series was created to provide a leadership opportunity for LEND trainees/fellows from these funded programs, allowing them to present their experiences in pediatric audiology within the LEND interdisciplinary setting. Each webinar features presentations by LEND pediatric audiology trainees.

Webinar Series Objectives

  1. Describe challenging pediatric audiology case studies in view of cultural differences
  2. Explain the diagnostic process for arriving at a hearing loss diagnosis
  3. Describe the audiological management provided to children with hearing loss in light of other medical or social challenges
  4. Identify LEND competencies as they relate to the cases presented                                    
  5. Illustrate how LEND core competencies impact care and management of children with hearing loss

More Information

For more information on the MCHB/AUCD LEND Pediatric Audiology Training Program Initiative, visit this webpage.