2012 Disability Policy Seminar: Orientation Webinar

2012 Disability Policy Seminar: Orientation  Webinar


pdf File Policy Seminar Trainee orientation 2012.pdf (862KB) [download]

This webinar, presented by Kim Musheno, Director of Legislative Affairs at AUCD, offered an orientation to the upcoming Disability Policy Seminar. In addition to information about the seminar itself, webinar attendees received a preview of the current legislative issues to be presented at the DPS and learned the basics of how to meet with Congressional representatives and deliver a unified message.

At the Disability Policy Seminar, hundreds of disability advocates from around the country will gather to discuss a wide range of public policy issues affecting people with disabilities and their families. We expect the following public policy issues to take center stage:

  • Budget and Appropriations
  • Medicaid
  • Health Care
  • Employment
  • Education