2007 National TA Conference Calls

Thursday, March 15, 2007- Thursday, December 20, 2007
1:00pm ET - 2:30pm ET

Learn more about these TA calls on the DC UCEDD website.

  • March 15: Integrating Mental Health and Substance Abuse
  • April 19: Screening and Assessment: What Are the Next Steps?
  • May 3: Building Bridges Between Residential and Community-Based Service Delivery Providers, Families, and Youth
  • May 17: Leadership and Change with Family Leaders
  • June 21: How States are Developing Strategic Financing Plans
  • July 19: Making an Evidence Based Culture Stick
  • September 20: Leadership in the Midst of Diversity
  • October 18: Child Traumatic Stress: Understanding and Serving through a Cultural Lens
  • November 15: Achieving Shared Goals through Systematic Integration of Education and Mental Health
  • December 20: Clinical Decision Making for Child and Adolescent Behavioral Health Care