TASH 2008 Conference

Wednesday, December 3, 2008- Saturday, December 6, 2008
Location: Nashville, Tennessee

This year's theme is Social Justice in the 21st Century: achieving the full and equal participation of every member of society in a way that is shaped to meet each member's unique needs. Social justice provides a vision that all members are valued, physically and psychologically safe, and enjoy all aspects of life in their community. We achieve social justice for people who have significant disabilities in a variety of ways. This year's TASH conference will focus on the issues and trends in today's world as they relate to the bringing about social justice for people who have significant disabilities and their families.

Registration Information: (888) 221-9425, Local (801) 534-4953, E-mail: THC@housingregistration.com (open May 1).

Volunteers: 202-263-5604

Exhibitors: Mary Staley at 570-387-6340

Sponsorships: Barb Trader 202-263-5601

Scholarships: Barb Trader 202-263-5601

TASH: 202-263-5600

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