2006 AUCD Annual Meeting and Conference

Sunday, October 29, 2006- Wednesday, November 1, 2006
Location: Renaissance Hotel, Washington, DC

About the 2006 AUCD Annual Meeting

The theme of the 2006 AUCD Annual Meeting and Conference is: Forging New Partnerships for New Challenges Through Research, Education and Service.

The disability community is facing many of the same challenges that significantly influence and change the fiber of our nation as a whole. AUCD's network is called upon--if not required--to examine, create and enhance non-traditional partnerships for these new challenges facing our nation and communities.

The Annual Meeting and Conference provides an opportunity to celebrate our partners and to explore how partnerships, networks and other formal and informal collaborations can help realize the vision of full participation of persons with disabilities and their families. Our real and potential partners include individuals with disabilities and their families; our universities and centers; state, international, national and local agencies; policymakers; advocates, and others who care about the current and future status of our nation and communities.

Working with persons with disabilities and their families, we as university centers and as individuals have the ability to strengthen existing networks, leverage formal and informal collaborations and create new partnerships in research, education and service.

Annual Meeting Evaluation

Share your feedback, reflections and thoughts about the 2006 AUCD Annual Meeting by completing our follow-up survey.

AUCD 2006 Annual Meeting Materials

Below you will find slides and handouts that we have available from many of the meetings during the conference, as well as collections of photos and videos taken during the events. If you have questions about any of these materials please contact aucdinfo@aucd.org.

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Annual Meeting Videos and Photo Galleries

Plenary Sessions

UCEDD Directors Meeting • October 30

LEND Directors Meeting • October 30

Combined UCEDD/LEND Directors Meeting • October 30

Training Symposium: Preventing Violence Against People with Disabilities

Selected Workshops • October 29

Selected Concurrent Sessions

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AUCD Business Meeting • November 1

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2006 AUCD Awards

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Annual Meeting Conference & Program