June 16, 2006 • Volume 6, Number 62


On June 5-6 the AUCD Board met in Washington, DC.  The first day of the meeting was devoted to current business.  For this part of the meeting, the board was joined by many of the AUCD central office staff who provided briefings on the myriad of projects and efforts that AUCD is currently undertaking.  In addition, board council chairs and committee chairs provided updates on the current and proposed activities for board consideration.  Highlights included the approval of the FY 07 budget, review of the status of current legislative priorities, and discussion of the 2006 Annual Meeting and Conference scheduled for October 29-November 1 in Washington, DC. More than 120 proposals were received in response to the call for papers.  Building on the theme of "Future's Planning" of the recent UCEDD Directors' Retreat, the second day of the board meeting focused on discussions related to the future organization of the AUCD board and anticipated future needs of the organization.  The day began with a presentation on "Generative Governance" by Steve Bennet, President and CEO of United Cerebral Palsy.  Mr. Bennet provided an overview of the concept of generative governance and described his organizations journey using this model. He also presented options for future collaborations between our two organizations.  The remainder of the meeting was dedicated to discussions of the current strategic plan and how the organization will begin to prepare itself for the future.  We expect that this is the beginning of framing a process for member discussion and planning over the coming year.

Reminders of current and upcoming activities

  • As noted above, the AUCD Annual Meeting will be held in Washington, DC October 29-Novermber 1.  The Training Symposium this year will focus on Violence against People with Disabilities with Dick Sobsey as the featured speaker.  Dr. Ed Kame'enui from NCSER has agreed to be a plenary speaker and plans for several very informative pre-conference workshops are underway. Look for a complete agenda and registration materials on the AUCD website in the next few weeks.
  • Voting for by-laws changes related to the establishment of a Research and Evaluation Council is underway by directors.  If you are a director who has not voted, please do so as soon as possible  We must have approval from two-thirds of the member organizations for this vote.
  • A survey will be coming to Directors related to organizational structure and salaries...we have received many requests from directors for this information, so please respond when the request comes to you.
  • The Multicultural Committee will be sending out a survey related to diversity in Centers.  This information is critical to association planning; please respond so that we can present this information at the annual meeting.

I want to take this opportunity to thank the AUCD Board members for their tremendous work on behalf of the association and thank all our colleagues who are participating on the many councils and committees that ensure the association can do its work with and on behalf of individuals with disabilities and their families.  I hope everyone has a wonderful summer. 

Best regards, Lu Zeph, Board President