April 30, 2007 • Volume 7, Number 4


Submissions for the AUCD Council on Community Advocacy’s (COCA) Quarterly Newsletter.  COCA is asking the network to share information they would like to highlight in a quarterly newsletter produced by COCA.  This can be short articles, stories, events, WebPages, trainings, conferences, etc. The purpose of the newsletter is to allow the greater DD network to share information and learn of the many activities, etc. that everyone is doing nationwide.  Please email any entries to Gordon Richins, AUCD COCA Co-Chair.  Entries can be faxed to 435-797-3944; Attention: Gordon Richins.

Submit Studies, Reports, and Evaluations of Effective Afterschool and Other Out-of-School Time Programs for a Forthcoming Compendium.  The American Youth Policy Forum is collecting studies, reports, and evaluations of effective and innovative after-school and out-of-school time programs that predominantly serve secondary students (middle school, junior high school, and high school) who are underserved by the education system.  The materials will be compiled and used to showcase effective programs and provide policy recommendations. Submission deadline: May 11, 2007.

Identifying Unique Community Integration Efforts.  The UPenn Collaborative on Community Integration is looking for innovative programs/initiatives that help to promote community integration of individuals with psychiatric disabilities.  Specifically, we are looking for programs that:

1) Address community barriers that limit the opportunity of people with mental illnesses to participate in the community like everyone else.
2) Provide rehabilitative supports that address an individual’s unique needs. 

The UPenn Collaborative will select programs that meet the above criteria to FEATURE on our nationally acclaimed website.  Please contact Pam Cousounis at 215-746-1950 if you represent or know of an organization that has developed and utilized an innovative community integration initiative and would like to share this information with the UPENN Collaborative.