April 30, 2007 • Volume 7, Number 4


Calling all submissions for the May issue of LENDLinks: Due May 14, 2007.

LEND Directors: What are you proud of accomplishing this year?
Trainees: Share your LEND experience with others! Did you attend an event? Learn a new skill? Conduct research? The network wants to hear about it.
LEND Faculty: What projects are you working on over the summer?

Please send brief articles describing events, projects or accomplishments of trainees and faculty at your program that you would like to share with the network to Crystal Pariseau, LEND Program Coordinator by May 14. LENDLinks will also contain relevant resources, upcoming events and employment opportunities. Reflections by trainees or faculty on end-of-year or summer programs as well as photos are encouraged. Submit your article online or email it to Crystal. View the previous issues of LENDLinks.

AUCD launches new webpage on Post-Secondary Education. At the request of the AUCD Network, the Central Office developed a section on post-secondary education. The webpage contains upcoming events and related resources and links.

Spring Issue of AUCD Health & Disability Digest Available. In this quarterly issue:


  • Two upcoming Research Topic Of Interest (RTOI) Webinars on Spina Bifida and Tourette Syndrome
  • RTOI Down Syndrome Health Education Brochure: Your Baby and Down Syndrome: Answers to Questions You Might Have
  • Study presented by 2006 NCBDDD-AUCD Developmental Disability Fellow, Dr. Kimberly Powell, on "Risk Factors for Cerebral Palsy, Mental Retardation, Hearing Loss and Vision Impairment Among 3-10 Year Old Twins in Metropolitan Atlanta"

The publication is a quarterly, online publication highlighting the latest news from AUCD-NCBDDD Cooperative Agreement. For more information, contact Sue Lin, Project Director, CDC Cooperative Agreement.

Thoughts from the 2006-2007 AUCD Virtual Trainee Rene Jamison of the Developmental Disabilities Center (KS LEND). This year has flown by with so many exciting opportunities as a trainee in this network. I want to thank all the trainees that submitted pictures and written summaries of their time at the 2007 Disability Policy Seminar and visit to the Hill. I hope there will be even more trainees there next year! Here are some highlights of trainee experiences:

"It was extremely powerful to me to be a part of a group of 600 people who came from all over the country to learn about and advocate for disability rights..." - Katie Fiore-NH LEND Trainee

"...I found it most interesting at the macro-level to witness a community organizing effort before my eyes..." - Jennifer Brooks-NH LEND Trainee

"...As I described it to others, imagine a panel of professionals who all know their fields inside and out who have basically 10 minutes to share it all!!! Incredible!" - Geri Lotze-Virginia LEND Trainee

"...We enjoyed seeing faces from places across the country and learned about the potential of networking." - Brent Fischer-WI Trainee

More summaries and pictures have been posted to the AUCD website under the trainees section.


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