December 20, 2006 • Volume 6, Number 68


AUCD staff holiday greeting and photoIn Mississippi, the holiday lights are twinkling and the bells are ringing, but its 72 degrees outside and people are doing last minute shopping in T shirts, shorts and sandals. This weather is not typical for the deep South at this time of year, but it's not unusual. As I sat down to write this holiday message to you, I began to think about all the members of our AUCD network and their various locations across the nation. Some folks most often have snowy Decembers, and some often spend their holidays on the beach. Regardless of the weather, we all find time for and enjoy family and friends because they are the heart of any holiday.

Too, the holidays with the arrival of the New Year, allow us an opportune time to reflect on the important work we do all year long for and with people living with a disability and their families and to look ahead to the promise of tremendous training and technical assistance, unrivaled research and spectacular services. This is a time for us to re-energize with our families and friends, take advantage of some well deserved relaxation and refresh ourselves for the year to come.

Wishing you the happiest of holidays and a productive New Year,

Royal Walker, Jr., JD ( )