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In order to facilitate ongoing conversation about the issues relevant to trainees in the fields of maternal and child health and/or developmental disabilities today, this listserve has been established with the support of the Maternal Child Health Bureau (MCHB) to the Association of University Centers on Disabilities (AUCD) for its administration.  The purposes of this listserve are (1) to establish connections with all current and former MCHB trainees nationwide; (2) to give current and former trainees an avenue to discuss training issues, possible collaborative activities, research, career development, and general MCH work/training questions; and (3) to share information, current research, meetings, and events pertaining to trainees in any discipline. Join in the dialogue by signing up for the listserve below.

This is a members-only discussion email list. To join this list, individuals must be a current or former trainee at an MCHB-funded long-term training program:

  • Certificate in Public Health,
  • DBP: Developmental Behavioral Pediatrics,
  • LEAH: Leadership Education in Adolescent Health,
  • LEND: Leadership Education in Neurodevelopmental Disabilities,
  • Nursing,
  • Nutrition,
  • PPC: Pediatric Pulmonary Centers,
  • Social Work
  • SPH: School of Public Health,
  • or a UCEDD: University Centers for Excellence in Developmental Disabilities trainee. 

Subscription requests and postings will be moderated by AUCD staff and others designated by MCHB and the training programs.

Note: By subscribing below, LEND and UCEDD trainees will also automatically be subscribed to the AUCD Trainees listserve and receive two confirmations.

Sending to the List

All members of a list may send to the list. Simply email your message to the list address:

  • LEND, UCEDD, and DBP members wishing to send a message to other AUCD trainees can send their message to the AUCD Trainee list address.
  • All MCHB trainees wishing to send a message to the other MCHB trainees can send their message to the MCHB Trainee list address.

List Guidelines

To ensure the best possible experience for all listserve members, some basic guidelines have been established for participation in the Trainee listserve.  Abusers of this list will have their address removed and be blocked from participating.

  • You are Replying to Everyone. When you reply to a message, note that you are replying to the entire list, not to the individual who is sending the message. Consider whether your message is necessary to post to the entire list ("Here's an additional resource everyone might be interested in...") or is better served by creating a new email addressed only to the one individual ("Thanks!"). If you prefer to reply directly to the sender, select "forward" or create a new email addressed directly to that person, not to the listserve.
    Tip: When sending listserv messages, include your email signature. List subscribers may use that information to reach you with individual messages by forwarding listserv message to your personal email address.
  • The listserve is meant to address issues relevant to training in maternal child health and/or developmental disabilities, and should not be used to advertise a specific organization's activities, unless the activity pertains directly to an area of training.
  • Acceptable postings include questions or requests for ideas, assistance, or collaboration, inquiries for feedback related to training or work topics, announcements of conferences or trainings, and general information in maternal child health and/or disabilities.
  • The listserve should not be used for any type of business or personal solicitation.
  • Personal or confidential information of any type should not be posted on the list.
  • Keep it positive! Harassing, threatening, or obscene language is not permitted on the listserve.
  • Keep postings concise and to-the-point.
  • "Reply" may reply to the entire list.  If a posting does not relate to the whole list group, please check the "to" line and send the message to the appropriate individuals only.
  • This list is not intended to be used for solicitation of participation in research activities without prior approval of AUCD.
  • Do not post chain letters or bulk emails through the list.
  • If you have a document or source to share, provide a URL where information can be downloaded.  Attachments may not be accepted by the list. 

If you have questions about a posting or these guidelines, contact Maureen Johnson at AUCD. 

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