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Explaining Health Care Reform: Risk Adjustment, Reinsurance, and Risk Corridors

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The reforms of the Affordable Care Act will make health care more affordable and accessible. This brief explains three provisions of the ACA - risk adjustment, reinsurance, and risk corridors - that are intended to promote insurer competition on the basis of quality and value and promote insurance market stability, particularly in the early years of reform.



2013 in Review: Top 10 Articles from the Center for Health Care Strategies

The Center for Health Care Strategies released this list of their top 10 resources from 2013 on improving health care access and quality for low-income Americans, especially those with complex and high-cost health care needs.



The Health Law Takes Effect: A Consumer's Guide

Kaiser Health Nes explains the basics of the Affordable Care Act provisions that took effect January 1, 2014



Interactive: A State-by-State Look at How the Uninsured Fare Under the ACA

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From the Kaiser Family Foundation

The Affordable Care Act (ACA) includes coverage options for people across the income spectrum, but there are big differences in eligibility for coverage depending on whether a state expands Medicaid or not. This Kaiser Family Foundation interactive provides state-by-state details on the coverage gap.



National Health Law Program (NHeLP): The Advocate's Guide to MAGI.

National Health Law Program (NHeLP): New resource. The Advocate's Guide to MAGI. The Guide will be an ongoing reference for advocates providing services to clients who have questions or problems pertaining to Modified Adjusted Gross Income (MAGI) eligibility for health care affordability programs.



The Affordable Care Act: Implications on MCH Populations and Public Health Services

This publication, from Center for Leadership Education in Maternal and Child Public Health at the University of Minnesota, covers the goals & tools of the ACA and how the ACA will impact women, children, adolescents, and immigrant families.



Webinar: The Affordable Care Act and the I/DD Community

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With the launch of the Affordable Care Act's new insurance marketplaces and the upcoming end to pre-existing condition discrimination, many in the Autistic and broader I/DD community are curious about what changes the ACA will bring to our country's health care system. This presentation, conducted by Ari Ne'eman of the Autistic Self Advocacy Network, will provide a broad overview of the ACA's major provisions, the anticipated changes the ACA will bring over the course of the coming years and a summary of potential advocacy priorities that the I/DD community can pursue regarding the ACA's implementation. Based off the recently released ASAN Policy Brief on the Affordable Care Act and the I/DD Community, this webinar is geared towards advocates, people with disabilities, family members and others connected to the Autistic and I/DD communities. Reserve your seat today!



ABCs of the ACA - What You Need to Know

The Alliance for Health Reform answers key questions about the insurance marketplaces that opened for enrollment October 1 in this new FAQ, available here. The document also provides links to websites that go into detailed explanations of how the law and the exchanges work. Some links point directly to state marketplaces and other government resources.

pdf File ABCs-of-the-ACA-Resource-Guide 155.pdf [download]


October 1: An Historic Day for Health Coverage

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Robert Wood Johnson Foundation: Beginning Tuesday, millions of Americans will be able to find and enroll in quality, affordable health insurance options through new marketplaces opening across the country. This represents an historic opportunity to cover millions of uninsured Americans, and a giant step toward achieving a culture of health in America. Because people need help understanding what these new health care options mean for them, we have developed a new web section with resources for individuals, small businesses, and those who want to help others enroll. Visitors can also watch a video message from RWJF's president and CEO, Risa Lavizzo-Mourey.



What Obamacare Means for You

The Affordable Care Act - also known as Obamacare - means better coverage for those who already have health insurance, and more options for those who don't, including a new way to shop for affordable, high-quality coverage.



Archived Webinar: Affordable Care Act Implementation - What Happens Next?

Do you still have questions about what the Affordable Care Act means for people with disabilities? Open enrollment starts October 1, and health coverage starts January 1, so join this timely webinar to learn about the current status of ACA implementation and some key details important for people with disabilities, families and professionals.



Watch and Share New Spanish Cartoon: "Los YouToons Se Preparan Para Obamacare"

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Before the October 1 start of open enrollment, the Kaiser Family Foundation presents a Spanish-language video as part of its continuing efforts to increase the public's understanding of upcoming changes under the Affordable Care Act (ACA). Based on the previously released English-language video, "Los YouToons Se Preparan Para Obamacare" explains the basic changes in how Americans can obtain health coverage in 2014. Watch the video in English or in Spanish, and use it to start a conversation with family, friends, and colleagues about the Affordable Care Act. Organizations and individuals are welcome to embed the video on their websites for free directly from YouTube (click the Share link above the description of the video, and then click Embed to grab the code). Viewers may also request a free download of the video (see form below) to incorporate it into in-person events and one-on-one outreach efforts.



FAQ On ACOs: Accountable Care Organizations, Explained

One of the main ways the Affordable Care Act seeks to reduce health care costs is by encouraging doctors, hospitals and other health care providers to form networks to coordinate care better, which could keep costs down. To do that, the law is trying a carrot-and-stick approach in the Medicare program: Accountable Care Organizations. ACOs have become one of the most talked about new ideas in Obamacare. Providers get get paid more if they keep their patients well. About four million Medicare beneficiaries are now in an ACO, and, combined with the private sector, more than 428 hospitals have already signed up. An estimated 14 percent of the U.S. population is now being served by an ACO. You may even be in one and not know it.



Health Reform Beyond the Basics

Health Reform: Beyond the Basics is a webinar series designed to prepare advocates and state and local officials to help consumers access the Affordable Care Act's new health coverage opportunities. It is a project of the Center on Budget and Policy Priorities.



The Health Care Law and You: In-Language Webinars

The Health Care Law and You is a presentation developed by the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services to educate community members about the benefits of the Affordable Care Act. This resource has been translated by the Office of Public Engagement at the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services into the following languages: Chinese, Korean, Vietnamese, Tagalog, Hindi, Bengali, Hmong, Khmer, Samoan and Tongan.

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