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How is the ACA Impacting Medicaid Enrollment?

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In early April 2014, the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services reported that as of the end of February 2014, Medicaid and CHIP enrollment had increased by over 3 million since open enrollment began for the new Health Insurance Marketplaces in October 2013. Understanding the ACA's impact on Medicaid enrollment remains complex given that the ACA promotes increased Medicaid enrollment in varied ways, including changes in eligibility, modernization and simplification of enrollment processes, and increased outreach and enrollment efforts. This brief discusses the new data and its interpretation to assess the influence of the ACA on Medicaid enrollment.



AUCD Legislative News In Brief

This issue of AUCD Legislative News In Brief covered education appropriations, FDA hearing on electric shock devices, Senate hearing on law enforcement interaction for people with disabilities, a proposed school voucher bill, ACA news for people in the PCIP and the Disability Treaty.



Updated: State Demonstrations to Integrate Care and Align Financing for Dual Eligible Beneficiaries

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A number of states are working with the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) to develop proposals to test capitated and/or managed-fee-for service models to integrate care and align financing for beneficiaries eligible for both Medicare and Medicaid (also known as dually eligible), based on new demonstration authority in the Affordable Care Act. This updated map shows the current status of the state demonstration proposals.



Information for People on Medicaid Home and Community-Based Services Waiver Waiting Lists

A Fact Sheet from the National Disability Navigator Resource Collaborative

This fact sheet is intended to provide Navigators, Assisters and Certified Application Counselors with information about people with disabilities who are on the Medicaid Home- and Community-Based Services (HCBS) Waiver waiting list. HCBS waiver recipients and their families can seek health insurance through the Marketplace or through Medicaid expansion if that is occurring in their state, and will have concerns about continuity of care and other issues that are common to many people with disabilities, as well as a few issues that are unique to potential HCBS waiver recipients.



CBO Finds Health Reform's Medicaid Expansion Is an Even Better Deal for States

Congressional Budget Office (CBO) estimates released last week show that health reform's Medicaid expansion, which many opponents wrongly claim will cripple state budgets, is an even better deal for states than previously thought. CBO has sharply lowered its estimates of the costs to states of adopting the Medicaid expansion.



The Affordable Care Act's Impact on Medicaid Eligibility, Enrollment, and Benefits for People with Disabilities

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This issue brief explains how Medicaid eligibility and benefits for people with disabilities are affected by the Affordable Care Act (ACA) rules as of 2014. Marketplace rules are discussed to the extent that they relate to Medicaid eligibility determinations for people with disabilities.



Those Long Lines to Enroll in the ACA

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On the last day of open enrollment for private insurance plans under Obamacare Twitter was full of powerful photographs of people waiting in long lines to sign up for coverage. The photos were a signal that the Administration was going to reach its goal of seven million exchange enrollees in year one; a remarkable comeback from the rollout woes of October and November. They also showed that people procrastinate, especially when it comes to insurance, just as they do when they file their taxes; about a quarter of all tax filings are made in the last two weeks before the deadline.



How Much Financial Assistance are People Receiving Under the Affordable Care Act?

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The Affordable Care Act (ACA) provides premium subsidies to low and middle income people who buy insurance on their own through new health insurance marketplaces (also known as exchanges). This issue brief estimates the percentage of enrollees who have qualified for assistance, the number of subsidized enrollees, subsidized enrollees as a percentage of those eligible, the average subsidy per enrollee, and total premium subsidies in the state based on enrollment data as of March 1, 2014.



Everything you Need to Know about Obamacare

Vox Media explains the Affordable Care Act in 28 slides.



FAQs on ACOs: Accountable Care Organizations, Explained

ACOs have become one of the most talked about new ideas in the Affordable Care Act. Kaiser Health News explains what they are and how they work.



Designing a Marketplace: A State-by-State Comparison of Marketplace Implementation

The Center on Budget and Policy Priorities has analyzed 23 marketplaces across a number of design questions as well as best practices. They've summarized the findings in a new database that states can use as they work to ensure that their marketplaces meet adequate competition, affordability, accessibility, and customer satisfaction requirements.



The ACA and People with Developmental Disabilities

A Resource from the West Virginia DD Council

This easy-to-understand document provides an overview of what the ACA means for people with developmental disabilities.



How Will the Uninsured Fare Under the Affordable Care Act?

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The June 2012 Supreme Court ruling made the Medicaid expansion optional for states. As a result, while many non-elderly uninsured individuals may gain coverage through the expansions in 2014, millions of uninsured adults who would have been newly-eligible for Medicaid will remain without a coverage option. This fact sheet covers uninsured adults in states that do not expand Medicaid.



Medicaid Expansion Through Premium Assistance: Arkansas, Iowa, and Pennsylvania's Proposals Compared

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Arkansas, Iowa, and Pennsylvania have proposed implementing the Affordable Care Act's (ACA's) Medicaid expansion by using Medicaid funds as premium assistance to purchase coverage in Marketplace Qualified Health Plans (QHPs) for some or all newly eligible beneficiaries. This fact sheet compares the states' proposals.



The Coverage Gap: Uninsured Adults in States that Do Not Expand Medicaid

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This issue brief from the Kaiser Family Foundation explains the current state of uninsured adults in states that do not expand Medicaid under the ACA.

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