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CBPP Report: Raising ACA Employer Mandate Threshold to 40 Hours Would Lead to Fewer Hours for Workers

The Center on Budget and Policy Priorities paper provides data shows that raising the law's threshold from 30 hours a week to 40 would make a shift toward part-time employment much more likely.



Advancing Delivery and Payment Reform in Managed Care Provider Networks: Tools for Purchasers

CHCS developed the following set of resources to help state purchasers design and implement effective VBP strategies within managed care. The resources, which draw from interviews and past work with state and federal VBP experts across the country.



NDNRC Fact Sheet- Intellectual Disability

This fact sheet is intended to help Navigators identify what issues are unique to consumers with Intellectual Disability so that they can assist them as they make decision related to their healthcare coverage.



NDNRC Fact Sheet- Autism Spectrum Disorder

This fact sheet is intended to help Navigators identify what issues are unique to consumers with autism spectrum disorder so that they can assist them as they make decision related to their healthcare coverage.



NDNRC Fact Sheet- Veterans

This fact sheet is intended to provide Navigators, Assisters and Certified Application Counselors with information about veterans and their eligibility for healthcare through the Department of Veterans Affairs.



AUCD Legislative News In Brief

This issue covers appropriations, the ABLE Act, Disability Treaty, clinical researc, and the ACA, Children's Health Insurance Program, and long-term fiscal outlook of our national health programs.



Designing Appeals Procedures the Dual-Eligible Demonstrations

The core concept in the dual eligible financial alignment demonstration is integration � integration of payment streams, integration of services and, importantly, integration of appeals processes so that beneficiaries will have a system that protects both Medicare and Medicaid rights, ensures due process, and is easy to understand and navigate.



Medicaid Managed Care Market Tracker

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Medicaid Managed Care Market Tracker provides state-level, MCO-level, and parent firm-level information related directly, or by extension, to comprehensive risk-based MCOs in Medicaid. It also provides data on parent firm participation in other insurance markets, which shed light on braoder market dynamics.



Key Findings on Medicaid Managed Care: Highlights from the Medicaid Managed Care Market Tracker

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The charts that follow highlight 10 key findings on the Medicaid MCO market based entirely on analysis of data included in the Tracker. The charts provide a partial profile of the market. They also serve to illustrate the kinds of topics and questions the Tracker can be used to explore.



Contacting Hard to Locate Medicare and Medicaid Members

Health plans serving individuals eligible for both Medicare and Medicaid must be able to locate members before beginning to meet their often significant health care and social service needs. However, individuals with complex needs are often difficult to contact due to incorrect or missing information and unstable housing. This technical assistance brief provides tips on finding hard-to-locate members from seven organizations participating in PRIDE, a project to advance health plan strategies to provide high-quality, cost effective care for high-need populations eligible for Medicare and Medicaid.



Ensuring Consumers' Access to Care

Network adequacy state insurance survey findings and recommendations for regulatory reforms in a changing insurance market



The National Senior Citizens Law Center Guide to Notices

This Guide is designed for advocates and individuals who provide assistance to seniors and persons with disabilities in need of Medicaid long-term services and supports. The focus of the Guide is on notice and appeal rights in states delivering these services through managed care



AUCD Legislative News In Brief

This issue covers appropriations, communication devices and education, health care open enrollment, child care, housing, and family caregivers.



Issue Brief: Key Themes in Capitated Medicaid Managed Long-term Services and Supports Waivers

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This issue brief examines key themes in 19 capitated Medicaid MLTSS waivers approved to date by the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS), including 1115 demonstrations in 12 states (AZ, CA, DE, HI, KS, NJ, MN, NY, RI, TN, TX, VT) and 1915(b)/(c) waivers in six states (FL, IL, MI (2 waivers), MN, OH, WI). MLTSS programs provided under these authorities are the subject of CMSs 2013 best practices guidance to states.



National Disability Navigator Year 2 Approach

The National Disability Navigator Resource Collaborative (NDNRC) was established to assist the development of cross-disability competence in the Affordable Care Act. In year 2 the NDNRC is funding eleven Community Outreach Collaborative. The COCs have two primary tasks: 1) build cross-disability collaborations with other disability organizations; and 2) have the cross-disability collaboration work as a dissemination and outreach resource with their local and/or state navigators and assisters.

pdf File NDNRC Flyer 11 14 Year 2.pdf [download]
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