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Bills to Repeal or Reform the ACA and Major Considerations

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Section-by-section of the Ways and Means legislation



A Guide To Budget Reconciliation: The Byzantine Rules For Disassembling The Health Law

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After capturing the White House, Republicans put repealing the health law at the top of their to-do list. But since they can't get around a Democratic filibuster in the Senate, they are forced to use an arcane legislative tool called budget reconciliation to disassemble parts of the law. KHN's Julie Rovner and Francis Ying explain the process.



Republicans' ACA Replacement Proposals Fall Short of Providing the Protections and Care People Currently Enjoy Under the Affordable Care Act

Despite public disapproval, congressional Republicans are rushing down a dangerous path that could take health coverage away from 30 million people and raise premiums for millions more.




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GOP False Promises Primer: How Affordable Care Act Replacement Proposals Fall Short




How Repealing Portions of the Affordable Care Act Would Affect Health Insurance Coverage and Premiums

CBO reports on the estimated changes in health insurance coverage and premiums that would result from leaving the Affordable Care Act�s insurance market reforms in place while repealing the law�s mandate penalties and subsidies.



The Future of Contraceptive Coverage

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Contraceptive coverage under the Affordable Care Act (ACA) has made access to the full range of contraceptive methods affordable to millions of women. Since it was first issued in 2012, this provision has been controversial. While very popular with the public, with over 77% of women and 64% of men reporting support for no-cost contraceptive coverage (Figure 1), it has been the focus of litigation brought by religious employers, with 2 cases reaching the Supreme Court.



Eight Ways to Judge Republican ACA Replacement Plans

Rather than build on this progress, the new Congress is insistent on repealing the law without a guaranteed, comprehensive replacement, jeopardizing the health care of millions.



House GOP - A Better Way plan

Tax Cuts Would Overwhelmingly Benefit Top 1 Percent While Sharply Expanding Deficits

The policy agenda the House GOP issued this year includes a sweeping tax reform plan, which a new Tax Policy Center (TPC) analysis out today shows would overwhelmingly benefit the highest-income households.

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