Graduate Psychology Education Programs

NE-Munroe-Meyer Institute of Genetics & Rehabilitation, UCEDD/LEND
Program Type LEND,UCEDD Fiscal Year 2011
Contact Joseph Evans, PhD
Phone 402-559-6408    
Project Description
A major reason for lack of access to behavioral services is the lack of professionals available in rural areas. Geller (1999) found that 50% of rural counties lack a Master's or Doctoral level psychologist or social worker. In Nebraska, by way of example, three-fourths of licensed psychologists practice in the Lincoln or Omaha areas. Consequently, primary care physicians who practice in rural areas serve as the de facto mental health service system for rural residents.

This project is premised upon the belief that the future of mental health service provision in rural areas lies in the integration of behavioral and physical health in primary care practices. The project will train Psychology graduate students, interns and fellows in rural primary care practices across Nebraska in order to expand the availability of behavioral health services in primary care for children, adolescents, and families residing in rural underserved areas.