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Cultural and Linguistic Competence Family & Community Experiences

Family Match Reflection Example 1 (39KB) [download]
Family Match Reflection Example 2 (12KB) [download]

Briefly describe the activity and its purpose.

Trainees are required to spend 20 hours with families or self-advocates of backgrounds different from their own. They spend time in the family home, go to a clinic appointment, or go out into the community with them. Trainees write a paper on their experiences with the family or self-advocate. 

Trainees may have an opportunity to go with a faculty member to a rural part of the state, where the faculty member may provide diagnostic clinical services to families or assist staff in the very small rural community. OT, Psychology and PT trainees participate in one or more three-day overnight outreach clinics to rural New Mexico. They travel with a four-member interdisciplinary diagnostic team that evaluates young children. The trainee experiences first hand the vast differences in culture and often language (e.g. families who speak Spanish or a Native American language). Trainees also experiences how the team partners with both families and community early intervention providers.

A two to three page reflection paper is due at the end of LEND training, in which trainees detail  their project experiences, challenges and lessons learned.

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