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Family Mentoring Project LEND Trainee Manual

Family Mentoring LEND Trainee Manual CCHMC (533KB) [download]

Briefly describe the activity and its purpose.

The purpose of the Family Mentoring Project (FMP) is for LEND trainees to gain a better understanding of the issues involved in raising a child with a disability and the value of forming collaborative partnerships with the families they serve. Each trainee (either individually or in pairs) is assigned a volunteer mentoring family, with whom they will arrange three (3) visits over the course of the 9-month LEND program (one visit per quarter). The first visit will take place in the family's home. The second and third visits will be held at community-based venues agreed upon by both parties. In conjunction, classroom activities will provide trainees with opportunities to reflect on their own life course perspectives and to broaden their insight into the families' strengths and the challenges and rewards they face.

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