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Trainee Business Plan Development

Briefly describe the activity and its purpose.

The LoneStar LEND employs a Business Plan project to integrate healthcare administration (HCA) concepts, leadership competencies, and cultural competence in the LEND training program. Recognizing that the qualities required for transformational leadership cannot be taught in traditional fashion, but must be experiential in order to be cultivated, interdisciplinary teams of 6-8 LEND Trainees apply business concepts to develop a business plan for an existing organization. Didactic seminars serve as the foundation for introduction of key HCA content; covered topics include HCA Overview, Strategic Planning, Market Analysis, Quality and Operations Management, and the Financial Plan. After instruction in each key area, trainees are guided by HCA faculty through a team-based step-by-step project management process. The end product is a completed business plan, which is presented to clinic administration along with Trainee recommendations.

Site visits to several Title V funded clinics allows for the incorporation of leadership and cultural competencies. Trainees perform a cultural competence audit at sites visited using the Self-Assessment Checklist for Personnel Providing Services and Supports to CSHCN and Their Families. While onsite, trainees receive an introduction to the clinic operations and financial model, including a session with the clinic director focusing on leadership style.


What are the expected learning outcomes for trainees?

Throughout the project trainees are encouraged to recognize their own leadership strength and weaknesses, and use their insights to build an effective team and resolve conflict. Periodic focused reflections on leadership, team building, and self-assessment become part of the Trainees' portfolio.

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