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Medical Home Competencies for LEND Trainees

Briefly describe the activity and its purpose.

The ultimate goal of a medical home is to ensure better coordination of care through interdisciplinary team participation. It is essential for LEND trainees to understand the core tenets of medical home and how they can apply it to their respective fields to ensure high-quality work as part of a team.

The Medical Home Competencies for LEND trainees were designed, developed, and piloted by LEND faculty and trainees in collaboration with the American Academy of Pediatrics, MCHB, and AUCD. The competencies have objectives and accompanying activities. These activities are designed for two groups: primary care trainees (pediatricians, etc.) and allied health trainees. The competencies can be easily incorporated into an existing LEND curriculum.

At the Utah Regional LEND program, the Curriculum Committee has reviewed the Medical Home Competencies and incorporated selected ones into the core curriculum. Trainees complete the activities as part of their experience.

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