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Parent Directed Consultations

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In an effort to highlight the interdisciplinary team process, the URLEND faculty created a model for clinical consultation that the trainees can fully participate in and experience how many disciplines may approach and provide ideas about complex questions that families present.  Each of these consultations is a carefully organized process in which our lead faculty member recruits a volunteer family to present 4-5 concerns or management problems they want the team to address and a trainee to lead the consultation. 

Based on the family's concerns, trainees are asked to participate in the team that offers suggestions for addressing the parent's concern. These consultations are not billed services and the parents are informed that this is an educational activity.  Faculty is always present to monitor the discussion and make additions if required.

All regional sites participate and thus some members of the consultative team reside in locations distant to the family involved.  For example, the patient and family may be in the Salt Lake City location but through the telehealth network, the trainee consultants may be in any of our regional partner locations.

Ten consultations are held throughout the academic year and trainees are required to participate in at least three of the consultations.

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