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A Multi-Disciplinary Approach to Teaching Research

Briefly describe the activity and its purpose.

Trainees participate in eight hours of structured research activities, culminating in the design of a study which addresses questions related to their discipline or clinical work. 

An introductory seminar provides information about developing a research question and principals of scientific investigation, including a discussion of levels of evidence.  Trainees then read four current research articles and participate in journal club discussions covering issues related to investigator bias, replication of research results, the peer review process, basic principles of research design, formulating relevant research questions and being critical consumers of research.  Finally, trainees participate in two hour-long workshop sessions.  During the first session, they discuss general research ideas and then design a study on their own or with a group, identifying the issues they want to address.  This information is then posted on the web-based classroom site for ILEND discipline training directors to review and discuss with them.

Briefly describe the positive impacts this activity has had on trainees.

Because ILEND trainees enter the program with a range of experience in research activities, the more experienced trainees take a mentoring role with some of the less experienced trainees in these activities.

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