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Data Workshops: An Innovative Guide to Moving Data Forward

Briefly describe the activity and its purpose.

In an effort to create a collaborative research experience involving trainees and faculty, the Va-LEND curriculum includes a series of data workshops focused on a secondary analysis of a national healthcare data set.

Eight workshops are held in the academic year. In recent years, the National Survey of Children with Special Health Care Needs has been used.  The trainees are provided background information and an introduction to the data set, guidance and support in developing research questions, leadership in data analysis, interpretation of results, and development of policy implications. Workshops include: 

  • Didactic instruction
  • Teamwork exercises
  • Collaboration in research design
  • Hands-on experience in analysis, and
  • Collaboration in interpretation and in applying findings to policy and practice

Briefly describe any lessons learned or challenges associated with implementing this activity.

One exciting outcome has been publications of collaborative journal articles reporting the findings of the group (citations are located below) . Topics have included health disparities, health care transitions, and underinsurance issues for children with special health care needs:

  • Oswald, D.P., Bodurtha, J. N., Willis, J.H., Gilles, D.L., Christon, L.M., Ogston, P.I., & Tulsty, S.M. (2011). Disparities in the clinical encounter: Virginia's African American children with special health care needs. ISRN Pediatrics. Article ID 273938, doi: 10.5402/2011/2723938. [Epub:]
  • Oswald, D.P., Bodurtha, J.N., Willis, J.H., & Moore, M.B*.(2007). Underinsurance and key health outcomes for children with special health care needs. Pediatrics. 119(2), e341-e347.
  • Oswald, D.P., Bodurtha, J.N., Broaddus, C.H., Willis, J.H., Tlusty, S.M., Bellin, M.H., & 
  • McCall, B.R. (2005). Defining underinsurance among children with special health care needs: A Virginia sample. Maternal and Child Health Journal, 9S(2), S67-S74.

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