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Rural Pediatric Neurodevelopmental Outreach and Autism Screening: A Family Focused Clinical Experience

Briefly describe the activity and its purpose.

Alaska is one of the nation's most rural and frontier states. Only 25% of the towns are connected by road systems, leaving the remaining 75% accessible only by air or boat. Children and youth with ASD/DD and their families in Alaska face significant problems in the current healthcare climate.

To help trainees develop leadership skills that are family-focused, culturally relevant and community-based in remote areas of Alaska, an innovative feature of the Alaska LEND without Walls program is a clinical experience in a pediatric neurodevelopmental outreach and autism screening clinics supported by Alaska's Title V Agency.  Clinics are held in 10 rural and frontier communities across the state.  The LEND program supports trainee travel to one of these clinics.

What are the expected learning outcomes for trainees?

The focus of the clinical experience is for trainees to gain a sense of the referral, assessment, case management and follow-up activities from the perspective of the family receiving services.

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