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A Three Winged Approach to Leadership Training

Briefly describe the activity and its purpose.

In response to changes in the LEND guidance with an increased focus on autism spectrum disorders and to ongoing healthcare systems reform in Vermont, our faculty conceptualized and has operationalized a three winged approach to leadership training. The "three wings " include:

  1. a traditional focus on neurodevelopmental disabilities
  2. a focus on autism screening diagnosis assessment and early intervention
  3. a focus on medical home coordination and interdisciplinary community teaming supporting the medical home

Trainees and fellows are explicitly recruited into one of these three wings of our program. All long-term LEND trainees and fellows are required to participate in a core leadership curriculum of approximately 200 hours, and then branch into their specific clinical practicum experiences with an additional 100 to 200 hours.


Briefly describe the positive impacts this activity has had on trainees.

In our first year utilizing this approach, we were encouraged by increased numbers of applicants across these focus areas and the cost-effectiveness of deploying our interdisciplinary faculty across these "training wings."

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