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The Legislative Process

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The policy / advocacy unit for trainees begins with introductory readings about how legislation is introduced and passed, followed by participation in an hour-long bipartisan seminar with a state senator and state representative (one Republican and one Democrat).  These legislators answer questions and provide information to trainees about effective communication with legislators and the importance of developing these relationships. Following this seminar, trainees are required to attend a local forum and report on their experience.

Trainees are then required to become familiar with the Iowa State Legislature website in order to find and track bills, identify their respective legislators, follow the daily legislative calendar and watch live debates in the Senate and House chambers. 

In February, trainees travel to the state Capitol to meet with their legislators and to sit in on committee meetings, sub-committee meetings, and observe the House and / or Senate in session. 

These activities are followed by participation in the annual Disability Policy Seminar in Washington, DC.

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