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Emerging Transformational Leadership Program (ETLP)

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Briefly describe the activity and its purpose.

ETLP is designed to help select individuals reach their potential as individual leaders who transform systems of care for people with developmental disabilities. This training program will build critical leadership skills, prepare individuals for the challenges of their own life-long leadership journeys, and develop awareness for the rich opportunities for leadership in South Florida and beyond. The year-long curriculum engages a small group of select individuals in experiential learning in the community, practical skills building activities, and dynamic interactions with established and emerging community leaders. A group project encourages participants to learn to harness the full potential of individuals and groups in our community, to foster relationships that bridge diversity on many levels, and to create innovative, sustaining solutions to the complex issues that face the disability community in South Florida.

What are the expected learning outcomes for trainees?

Each year a cohort of 5-8 emerging leaders will complete a year-long mentored leadership experience. Each year the ETLP cohort will complete a group project that provides an action plan to reorient local systems of care around continuous quality improvement for a specific outcome critical to children with NDD/ASD and their families. Within the next 5 years, at least one ETLP plan will receive community support and begin implementation in South Florida. Within 3 years of implementing an ETLP plan, families of children with NDD/ASD will report a 10% improvement in the specific critical outcome measure, using baseline data specific to the quality improvement plan (e.g. early intervention for ASD).

Briefly describe the positive impacts this activity has had on trainees.

Class IV has continued implementation of their group project idea, the Miami Employability movement which is to collaborate with businesses around improving employment for young adults with ID/DD. Some of the other positive impacts that have been reported are: increased knowledge about disabilities, newborn screening, and disability history; meeting community leaders; learning about the type of leader that they would (and would not) want to be; feeling honored about being selected as part of a new initiative; understanding that small changes can grow into bigger ones; clarity regarding their own mission and commitment to the disability community; learning from other ETLP group members; new confidence to speak and share uncomfortable feelings in groups; looking to themselves as leaders and realizing their own strengths and weaknesses; and the need to get buy-in for ideas.

Briefly describe any lessons learned or challenges associated with implementing this activity.

From feedback, we have learned that it would be more effective to start the group project earlier in the program and have a larger cohort of Fellows if possible. The coordinator and consultant should also be more active in mentoring and assist groups with communication breakdowns. We should also do a better job of keeping in touch with alumni and learning about how they're integrating what they learned through ETLP into their work and lives.

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