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Briefly describe the activity and its purpose.

As part of the Collaborative Quality Improvement Planning in LEND and DBP Programs* project trainees and faculty completed StrengthsFinder as part of a year-long leadership development exercise. Dominant talents were identified and the potential to develop strengths was discussed both individually and as a LEND cohort, who would be working together on varied teams during the year. A Team Report was provided to each of 12 Leadership project small teams and the 4 interdisciplinary clinical training teams. Faculty were taught how to utilize StrengthsFinders to facilitate MCH Leadership Competencies such as self-awareness, team building, and leadership strategies during their work with trainees.

*This project was funded by the AUCD QI Improvement project as a collaborative project (with the Cincinnati LEND and the UIC LEND) to strengthen interdisciplinary leadership training.

What are the expected learning outcomes for trainees?

Trainees will improve their leadership competency as measured by the LEND Leadership Self-Evaluation Form. Trainees will practice use of leadership skills based on increased awareness in a variety of leadership projects and clinical teams throughout the year.

Briefly describe the positive impacts this strategy has had on trainees:

This project is ongoing. However, trainees showed diversity in top strengths; they had strengths in executing, influencing, and strategizing, though they were not as strong in influencing. They have learned a new vocabulary and are able to discuss team issues with faculty and peers on interdisciplinary projects.

Briefly describe any lessons learned or challenges associated with implementing this strategy:

Faculty members were initially cautious about "buying in" (i.e. using this leadership development model across didactic, clinical, and leadership projects). However, incorporating monthly discussions into faculty meetings built increased support through the year. Trainees have become more engaged with developing their leadership skills and a few have expressed the desire to continue with additional StrengthsFinder training.

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