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Problem-Based Workshop on Autism Spectrum Disorder and Hearing Loss

Pre-workshop reading list [download]
DSM-5 ASD Handout [download]
EHDI workshop lesson plan [download]
Readiness Assurance Test (RAT) with answers [download]
Case study (Allan's story) [download]

Briefly describe the activity and its purpose.

At the 2014 EHDI Annual Meeting (Jacksonville, Fla.), LEND audiology trainees from multiple programs participated in a problem-based workshop that focused on the intersection of Autism Spectrum Disorder and hearing loss.  

Trainees prepared for the workshop by viewing a required webinar entitled "Autism Spectrum Disorder in Children Who Are Deaf or Hard of Hearing" in advance of the meeting.  The workshop planning committee also recommended that trainees reviewed the newly-established DSM-5 diagnostic guidelines and criteria exemplars for ASD, along with an ASHA publication about testing hearing in children with ASD. 

At the workshop, participants completed - both individually and as part of a small team - a Readiness Assurance Test (RAT) with five multiple-choice questions that were based on materials that should have been reviewed in advance.  After a mini-lecture from LEND audiology faculty on the information covered in the RAT, teams worked through the case study in three parts: initial observation and family interview, additional assessment data, and interdisciplinary evaluation.  Each part of the narrative had four questions for participants to consider and discuss.  Teams reported out to the large group at the end of the workshop.

What are the expected learning outcomes for trainees?

  1. Understand the effects of hearing loss and ASD on development
  2. Recognize the various disciplines involved in making the ASD and hearing loss diagnoses
  3. Define components of the best practices approach to a diagnosis of autism
  4. Be able to refer families to resources with answers to questions about ASD and hearing loss

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