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Adult Health Case-based Modules, Case 4 of 4

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Case Four: Ms. Grace Tester is a 63 year old woman with Down Syndrome who lives in a large institutional setting in Ohio. She has an intellectual disability, arthritis, and asthma and wears a hearing aid for a moderate hearing loss. She has developed signs of dementia over the past year. Her only living relative is an 80 year old sister who lives on the east coast and rarely sees her. Ms. Tester turned 18 while living in the institution and her parents never saw the need to pursue guardianship rights, so she does not have a guardian. On a routine annual examination, her physician discovers a small lump in Ms. Tester's left breast. She has a family history of breast cancer; both her mother and a sister died of the disease. A mammogram confirms a characteristic mass indicative of cancer. The physician would like to perform a needle biopsy, followed by surgery and further treatment if cancer is confirmed. He is not sure how to proceed since Ms. Tester does not have a guardian.

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