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Leadership Seminar on Appalachian Culture

Appalachia and Health Care Module Pre-Test/Post-Test (27KB) [download]
Culture Module (517KB) [download]

Briefly describe the activity and its purpose.

Trainees participate in a two-hour Leadership Seminar on Appalachian Culture that is offered once a year as part of a monthly series on various leadership topics.  During the seminar, a film is shown about Appalachia, usually the one called The Dancing Outlaw, which then generates a rich discussion about Appalachian stereotypes.  Trainees participate in the post-movie discussion. 

The (attached) Appalachian Culture Module is also sent to the Trainees during the month that the Leadership Seminar is on Appalachian Culture.  A pre-test is sent before viewing the module and there is also a post-test.

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