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Graduate Online Certificate in Education and Healthcare Transition

Briefly describe the activity and its purpose.

The University of Florida Colleges of Education and Medicine offers an online, graduate level certificate in Education and Healthcare Transition (EdHCT). This certificate is designed for graduate students and professionals in medicine, nursing, education, social work, law, public health and public policy, physicians' assistants and other health-related areas. Historically, education transition and healthcare transition have operated completely independently. This program brings together participants from both the healthcare side and the education side.

The certificate comprises four online courses that can be taken from one's own location.  Courses may be taken individually, but the certificate will be provided only for those that complete all four courses. Graduate students from other colleges and universities may take these courses for credit at their own institutions.  These courses are not approved for Continuing Education Units (CEUs), but practicing professionals can check with their discipline-specific licensing boards to see whether they might get CEUs for taking the courses.  Tuition is charged.

What are the expected learning outcomes for trainees?

Students learn new skills for integrating education transition and health care transition and building expertise in this emerging discipline.

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