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Seminar in Evidence-based Research

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LEND trainees receive eight didactic training sessions on:

  • Reading, Writing and Comparing Research Reports
  • HIPPA/Privacy in Research
  • Research Design
  • Searching the Scholarly Literature
  • Searching Online Databases
  • Introduction to Survey Research
  • Abstract Writing for Posters and Journal Articles
  • Poster Design

Trainees are also assigned to one of seven interdisciplinary evidence-based research teams, each led by a faculty member.  Several of the team projects are carried out over multiple years. Activities may include formulating a research or policy question, reviewing the literature, preparing submissions to the IRB, and collecting and analyzing data. Each team gives a mid-year PowerPoint presentation and creates a poster for presentation to the New York State Department of Health Title V Program staff and policy leaders from other State governmental agencies. The posters are also presented at graduation, which is attended by trainees and faculty from Westchester Institute for Human Development, New York Medical College School of Health Sciences and Practice, and from the trainees' own graduate programs in affiliated universities.

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Many of the posters are accepted to and presented at national conferences such as the AUCD Annual Meeting and Child Welfare Symposium. The results from selected research projects are eventually published in professional journals.

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