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Pre-training, Post-training and Retrospective Pre-training Program Evaluation

ILEND post and retrospective self assessment (50KB) [download]

Briefly describe the activity and its purpose.

During the first week of the academic year, all trainees complete a self-assessment of their level of competence with the MCHB Interdisciplinary Leadership Core Competencies in order to evaluate their baseline knowledge. At the end of the year, trainees complete a pre-post assessment in which they rank themselves retrospectively in terms of the skills and knowledge they had at the beginning of the program and rank their level of skills and knowledge post-traiing. This provides us with three self-assessment data points: prior to beginning the program, retrospective assessment of competence at the beginning of the program, and post-training assessment of competence. 

Briefly describe any lessons learned or challenges associated with implementing this activity.

These retrospective self-assessments have been argued to be more reliable than immediate pre-assessments because trainees often do not fully understand the concepts being assessed prior to training. Our choice to combine these assessments allows us to benefit from pre-training self-assessments as catalysts for reflection and discussion in developing individualized learning plans and to compare trainee's perceptions of their competence before and after training.

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