AUCD Diversity & Inclusion Toolkit

This toolkit is intended to serve as a foundation for launching efforts that will enhance diversity, inclusion, and cultural and linguistic competence; cultivate partnerships; respond to increasingly diverse communities across the country; and develop strategies for continuing efforts to better serve diverse populations.

Objectives, strategies, resources and examples provided in the Toolkit are many and varied; purposefully selected to provide a wide range of options that numerous users can implement according to their individualized circumstances. The Toolkit is intended to provide a common foundation for future efforts within the UCEDD and LEND network. Due to the varying structures and types of audiences represented across the vested organizations of this Toolkit, a single framework or road map for improving diversity, inclusion, and cultural and linguistic competence was not developed. Rather, each user may determine how best to start implementing Toolkit strategies based on current resources, partnerships, initiatives, and other considerations. Each user should commit to the process, take a look at themselves and their community, create a plan for implementation, and take action.