Patrick Shannon, Ph.D.

NH-ME LEND Program
Institute on Disability
University of New Hampshire
55 College Road
103 Pette Hall
Durham, NH 03824
Phone: 603-862-5016
Email: [email protected]
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Last Updated: December 20, 2019


Discipline Coordinators: Social Work
Discipline(s): Social Work
AUCD Council Membership: No Council Membership
Research: Early intervention, child welfare and developmental disabilities, family support
Education: Social policy, developmental disability, program evaluation
Service: Program evaluation consultation




Patrick Shannon, Social Work Discipline Coordinator


Ph.D. (May 2000). Virginia Commonwealth University, Richmond, VA.

MSW (May 1993). State University of New York at Buffalo, Buffalo, N.Y.

B.A. (May 1990) State University of New York at Buffalo, Buffalo, N.Y.

Professional Experience:

Associate Professor, August 2009-present, University of New Hampshire, Department of Social Work.

Assistant Professor, August 2004 - June 2009, University at Buffalo, School of  Social Work.

Assistant Professor, January 2001- May 2004, University of New Hampshire, Department of Social Work.

Director of Research and Evaluation, January 1997 - December 2000, Virginia Institute for Developmental Disabilities (VIDD).


Shannon, P. & Tappan, C. (In Press). Identification and assessment of children with developmental disabilities in child welfare. Social Work.

Shannon, P. & Tappan, C. (In Press). A Qualitative Analysis of Child Protective Services Practice with Children with Developmental Disabilities. Children and Youth Services Review.

Shannon, P., & Broussard, A. (In Press). Assessing the Health Needs of Unique Populations of Adolescents: A Focus Group Study. Health and Social Work.

Shannon, P., & Rawding-Anderson, P. (2008). Developmental Screening in Community Health Care Centers and Pediatric Practices: An Evaluation of the Baby Steps Program. Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities, 46,281-289.

Shannon, P.,  & Agorastou, M. (2006). Identifying children with developmental disabilities receiving child protection services: A national Survey of child welfare administrators. Families in Society.

Kvarfordt, C.L., Purcell, P., & Shannon, P. (2005). Youth with learning disabilities in the juvenile justice system: A training needs assessment of detention and court services personnel. Child and Youth Care Forum, 34(1), 27-42.

Shannon, P. (2004). Barriers to family-centered care in early intervention. Social Work, 49, 301-308.

Shannon, P., Grinde, L., & Cox A.W. (2003). Families' perceptions of ability to pay for early intervention services. Journal of Early Intervention, 25, 164-172.

Kincaid, D., Knoster, T., Harrower, J., Shannon, P., & Bustamante, S. (2002). Measuring the impact of Positive Behavior Support. Journal of Positive Behavior Intervention, 4(2), 109-117.

Buck, D.M., Cox, A.W., Shannon, P., & Hash, K. (2001).  Building collaboration among physicians and other early intervention providers:  Practices that work.  Infants and Young Children, 13(4), 11-20.

Shannon, P., Daly, D., Malatchi, A., Kvarfordt, C., & Yoder, T. (2001).  Assessing capacity for statewide implementation of Positive Behavior Supports:  A needs assessment strategy.  Journal of Positive Behavior Intervention, 3(2), 95-100.

Book Chapters

Shannon, P. (In Press). Medical conditions present at birth. In N. Boyd-Webb (Ed.), Helping youth and families cope with acute and chronic health conditions: A collaborative strengths-based guide to practice.  New York: Guilford Press.

Shannon, P. (2008). Childhood Disability, Poverty, and Family Life: A Complex Relationship. In C. A. Broussard, and A. L. Joseph (Eds.). Family poverty in diverse contexts. Binghamton, NY: Haworth Press.

Shannon, P. (2006). Children with disabilities in child welfare: Empowering the disenfranchised. In N. Boyd-Webb (Ed.), Working with traumatized youth in child welfare (Chapter 9). New York: Guilford.

Chapman, C., Kincaid, D., Shannon, P., & Schall, C. (2002).  It's about us: Families and Positive Behavior Support.  In J.M., Lucyshyn, G., Dunlap, & R.W., Albin (Eds.), Families and positive behavior support:  Addressing the challenge of problem behaviors in family contexts (Chapter 17).  Baltimore, MD:  Paul H. Brookes.

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