Carol Curtin, PhD, LICSW

Eunice Kennedy Shriver Center
55 Lake Avenue North
Worcester, MA 01655
Phone: 774-455-6527
Email: [email protected]
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Last Updated: July 20, 2022


Leadership: UCEDD Director
LEND Director
Primary Activity Coordinators: Training Director
Discipline Coordinators: Social Work
Discipline(s): Social Work
Population Health
AUCD Council Membership: National Training Directors' Council
Research: health promotion, obesity, nutrition, physical activity, ADHD, autism, IDD
Education: leadership, grant writing, human resources management


Dr. Carol Curtin has over 35 years of experience working with individuals with intellectual/developmental disabilities (IDD) and behavioral health conditions and their families in a variety of settings and using a variety of clinical modalities. She has extensive management and leadership experience, having directed programs in clinical, academic, and research settings. Her research is focused on health promotion with an emphasis on identifying unique modifiable risk factors for obesity in populations of children and adults with neurodevelopmental disabilities and devising targeted and tailored interventions to meet their needs. She has served as a Principal Investigator or Co-Investigator on private and federally-funded projects that have included epidemiological studies on the prevalence of obesity in the IDD, autistic, and ADHD populations, weight loss and physical activity interventions for adolescents with IDD, and observational studies on physical activity, dietary patterns, and obesity in children with various developmental disabilities.

Selected peer-reviewed publications:

1.     Curtin, C., Hyman, S.L., Boas, D., Hassink, S., Broder-Fingert, S., Ptomey, L.T., Dryer, M., Fleming, R.K., Must, A., Bandini, L.G. Weight management in primary care for children with autism: review and expert recommendations, Pediatrics (Supplement):S126-S139 (2020).

2.     Walls, M., Curtin, C., Phillips, S., Eliasziw,M., Jackel, C., Must, A., Bandini, L.G., Broder-Fingert, S. Developmental and behavioral pediatricians' diagnosis and management of overweight and obesity in children with autism spectrum disorder. Journal of Developmental Behavioral Pediatrics (in press).

3.     Folta, S., Curtin, C., Must, A., Pehrson, A., Ryan, K., Bandini, L. Impact of Selective Eating on Social Domains Among Transition-Age Youth with Autism Spectrum Disorder: A Qualitative Study. Journal of Autism and Developmental Disorders, 1-11 (2020).

4.     Desroches, M., Sethares, K., Curtin, C., Chung, J. Nurses' attitudes and emotions toward caring for adults with intellectual disabilities: results of a cross-sectional, correlational-predictive research study. Journal of Applied Research in Intellectual Disabilities. (2019).

5.     Beccia, A., Austin, S.B., Baek, J., Jesdale, W., Forrester, S., Curtin, C., Lapane, K. Risk of disordered eating at the intersection of gender and racial/ethnic identity among U.S. high school students Eating Behaviors. 34: 101299 (2019).

6.     Stanish, H.I., Curtin, C., Must, A., Phillips, S., Maslin, M., Bandini, L.G. Does physical activity differ between youth with and without intellectual disabilities? Disability and Health Journal (2019)

7.     Bandini, L. G., Curtin, C., Eliasziw, M., Phillips, S., Jay, L., Maslin, M., & Must, A. Food selectivity in a diverse sample of young children with and without intellectual disabilities. Appetite. Feb 1;133:433-440. (2019).

8.     Iannuzzi, D., Rissmiller, P., Duty, S.M., Feeney, S., Sullivan, M., Curtin, C. Addressing a gap in healthcare access for transition-age youth with autism: a pilot educational intervention for family nurse practitioner students, Journal of Autism and Developmental Disabilities. 49(4), 1493-1504 (2019).

9.     Tybor, D., Eliasziw M,  Kral TV,  Segal M, Sherwood NE, Sikich L, Stanish H, Bandini, LG;  Curtin C,  Must A. Parental concern regarding obesity in children with autism spectrum disorder in the United States: National Survey of Children's Health. Disability and Health Journal,12 (1); 126-130 (2019)

10.  Rubin, E., Ostrowski, L., ... Curtin, C. Sibling support demonstration project: a pilot study assessing feasibility, preliminary effectiveness, and participant satisfaction. Child and Adolescent Psychiatry & Mental Health, 8(1). (2018).

11.  Chistol, L. T., Bandini, L. G., Must, A., Phillips, S., Cermak, S. A., & Curtin, C. Sensory sensitivity and food selectivity in children with autism spectrum disorder. JADD, 1-9. (2017).

12.  Weems, M., Truex. L., Scampini, R., Fleming, R.K.,  Curtin, C., Bandini L.G. A novel weight loss tool for adolescents with intellectual disabilities. Journal of the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics, 117(10): 1503-1508. (2017).

13.  Stanish, H.I., Curtin, C., Must, A., Phillips, S. Maslin, M., Bandini, L.G. Physical activity levels, frequency, and type among adolescents with and without autism spectrum disorder, Journal of Autism and Developmental Disorders, 47(3), 785-794. (2017).

14.  Bandini, L.G.  Curtin, C. Phillips, S., Anderson, S.E., Maslin, M., Must, A. Changes in food selectivity in children with autism spectrum disorder. Journal of Autism and Developmental Disabilities, 47(2), 439-446. (2017).

15.  Curtin, C., Must, A., Phillips, S., Bandini, L.G. The Healthy Weight Research Network: a research agenda to promote healthy weight among youth with autism spectrum disorder and other developmental disabilities, Pediatric Obesity, 12(1), e6-e9. (2017).

16.  Must, A., Eliasziw, M., Phillips, S., Curtin, C., Kral, T., Segal, M., Sherwood, N. Sikich, L., Stanish, H., Bandini, L.G. The effect of age on the prevalence of obesity among US youth with autism spectrum disorder. Childhood Obesity, 13(1), 25-35. (2017).

17.  Segal, M., Eliasziw, M., Bandini, L.G., Curtin, C., Kral, T., Sherwood, T., Sikich, L., Stanish, H.I., Must, A. Intellectual disability is associated with increased risk for obesity in a nationally representative sample of U.S. children, Disability and Health Journal.9(3), 392-398. (2016).

18.  Stanish, H.I., Curtin, C., Must, A., Phillips, S. Maslin, M.C.T., Bandini, L.G. (2015) Enjoyment, barriers, and beliefs about physical activity among adolescents with and without autism spectrum disorder. Adapted Physical Activity Quarterly. 32(4). (2015).

19.  Curtin, C. Hubbard, K., Anderson, S.E., Mick, E., Must, A., Bandini, L.G. Food Selectivity, mealtime behavior problems, spousal stress, and family food choices in children with and without Autism Spectrum Disorder, Journal of Autism and Developmental Disorders. 45(10): 3308-3315. (2015).

20.  Curtin, C., Bandini, L.G., Must, A., Phillips, S. Maslin, M.C.T., Lo, C., Gleason, J.M., Fleming, R.K., Stanish, H.I. Including youth with intellectual disabilities in health promotion research: development and reliability of a structured interview to assess the correlates of physical activity among youth. Journal of Applied Research in Intellectual Disabilities, DOI: 10.1111/jar.12205 (2015).

21.  Curtin, C., Humphrey, K., Vronsky, K.,  Mattern, K,  Nicastro, S, Perrin, E.C. Expanding horizons: A pilot mentoring program linking college/graduate students with teens with ASD, Clinical Pediatrics, 0009922815588821. (2015).

22.  Stanish, H.I., Curtin, C., Must, A., Phillips, S., Maslin, M.C.T., Bandini, L.G. Physical activity enjoyment, perceived barriers, and beliefs among adolescents with and without intellectual disabilities, Journal of Physical Activity & Health. 13(1). (2015).

23.  Must, A., Phillips, S., Curtin, C., Bandini, L.G. Barriers to physical activity in children with autism spectrum disorders: relationship to physical activity and screen time.  Journal of Physical Activity & Health, 12(4):529-534. (2015).

24.  Wolf-Fordham, S., Curtin, C., Maslin, M. Bandini, L.G., Hamad, C.D. Emergency preparedness of families with children with developmental disabilities: what public health and safety emergency planners need to know.  Journal of Emergency Management, 13(1): 7-18. (2015).

25.  Serna, R.W., Lobo, H.E., Fleming, C.K., Fleming, R.K., Curtin, C., Foran, M.M. Hamad. C.D. Innovations in behavioral intervention preparation for paraprofessionals working with children with autism spectrum disorder. Journal of Special Education Technology, 30(1). (2015).

26.  Hubbard, K., Anderson, S.E., Curtin, C., Must, A., Bandini, L.G. A comparison of food refusal related to characteristics of food in children with autism spectrum disorders and typically developing children. Journal of the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics, 114(12): 1981-87. (2014).

27.  Curtin, C., Jojic, M., Bandini, L.G. Obesity in children with autism spectrum disorders, Harvard Review of Psychiatry, 22(2): 93-103. (2014).

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31.  Curtin, C., Bandini, L.G., Must, A., Gleason, J., Lividini, K., Phillips, S., Eliasziw, M., Maslin, M., Fleming, R.K. Parent support improves weight loss in adolescents and young adults with Down syndrome. Journal of Pediatrics, 163(5): 1402-1408. (2013).

32.  Curtin, C., Mick, E., Pagoto, S. The association between ADHD and eating disorders/pathology in adolescents: a systematic review.  Open Journal of Epidemiology, 3(4): 193-202. (2013).

33.  Bandini, L., Gleason, J., Curtin, C.  Lividini, K., Anderson, S., Cermak, S., Maslin, M., Must, A. Comparison of physical activity between children with autism spectrum disorders and typically developing children Autism: International Journal of Research and Practice,17(1):44-54 (2013).

34.  Dyke, M., Cuffee, Y., Halanych, J., McManus, R., Curtin, C., Allison, J.J. The relationship between coping styles in response to unfair treatment and understanding of diabetes self-care, Diabetes Educator, 39(6):848-55. (2013).

35.  Byrd, H.C.M., Curtin, C., Anderson, S.E. Attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder and obesity in US males and females, age 8-15 years: National Health and Nutrition Examination Survey 2001-2004. Pediatric Obesity, 8(6):445-453. (2013).

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