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Utah Regional LEND has formal training partnerships with institutions in Idaho (University of Idaho, Idaho State University, and Northwest Behavioral Health), Montana (University of Montana), North Dakota (Minot State University), and Wyoming (University of Wyoming).

LEND Program:
Utah Regional Leadership Education in Neurodevelopmental Disabilities (URLEND)
University of Utah
Department of Pediatrics
50 N. Medical Drive
Salt Lake City, UT 84132
Main Phone:  801-585-1017
Main Fax:  801-581-3399
Website:  http://www.urlend.org
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Position Name Phone Email
Co-LEND Director Gretchen Peacock, Ph.D. 435-797-0721 [email protected]
Co-LEND Director Sarah Winter, M.D. 801-585-1017 [email protected]
Associate UCEDD Director Hilory Liccini 701-858-3008 [email protected]
Lead Administrative Staff
Assistant to the Director Martha Reyes 435-797-0134 [email protected]
Evaluator Judith Holt, PhD Special Education 435-797-7157 [email protected]
URLEND Project Coordinator Julieta Tischer, BS 801-587-0779 [email protected]
URLEND Trainee Coordinator Joan Liquin, B.S. 435-797-0850 [email protected]
Discipline Coordinators
Assistive Technology Molly Kimmel 406-243-5769 [email protected]
Audiology Gabriel Bargen, Ph.D. 208-373-1722 [email protected]
Dentistry/Pediatric Dentistry Hans Reinemer, D.M.D., M.S. 801-571-5800 [email protected]
Education Thomas Higbee,, Ph.D., BCBA-D, LBA 435-797-1933 [email protected]
Family Faculty Gina Pola-Money 801-631-1609 [email protected]
Genetics Janice Palumbos, M.S. 801-581-8943 [email protected]
Health Administration Terry Pavia 801-581-8696 [email protected]
Nursing Julie Steele, DNP, APRN, FNP-BC 801-587-2096 [email protected]
Nutrition Heidi Wengreen, RD, Ph.D. 435-797-1806 [email protected]
Occupational Therapy Molly Kimmel 406-243-5769 [email protected]
Parent/Family Resources Erica Lundahl 435-764-0984 [email protected]
Parent/Family Resources Gina Pola-Money 801-631-1609 [email protected]
Pediatrics Paul Carbone, M.D. 801-585-1017 [email protected]
Pediatrics Allison Ellzey 801-964-6214 [email protected]
Pediatrics Sarah Winter, M.D. 801-585-1017 [email protected]
Psychiatry Patricia Aguayo 801-581-5515 [email protected]
Psychology Terisa Gabrielsen, Ph.D. NCSP 801-422-5055 [email protected]
Psychology Maryellen McClain Verdoes 435-797-6373 [email protected]
Psychology Gretchen Peacock, Ph.D. 435-797-0721 [email protected]
Psychology Karl White, Ph.D. 435-797-3013 [email protected]
Public Health Canyon Hardesty, M.S., CHES 307-766-5003 [email protected]
Social Work Laura Curtis, LWC 208-955-7328 [email protected]
Speech-Language Pathology Hilory Liccini 701-858-3008 [email protected]
Speech-Language Pathology Vicki Simonsmeier, M.S., CCC-SLP/Aud 435-797-7554 [email protected]
Primary Activity Coordinators
Community Support Olivia Lebens 208-596-5715 [email protected]
Distance Learning Barbara Fiechtl, PhD 435-797-3258 [email protected]
Parent/Consumer Erica Lundahl 435-764-0984 [email protected]
Parent/Consumer Eric Stoker 801-245-7350 [email protected]
Specialty Resource Contacts
Assistive Technology Funding/Resources Lois Summers 435-797-3824 [email protected]
Clinical Committee Chair Janice Palumbos, M.S. 801-581-8943 [email protected]
Cultural Diversity Eduardo Ortiz, Ph.D. Sociology 435-797-3690 [email protected]
Employment Tim Riesen, PhD 801-915-3355 [email protected]
Project/Program/Clinic Contacts
Assistive Technology Program Director URLEND Montana Coordinator Molly Kimmel 406-243-5769 [email protected]
Autism Support Services: Education, Research, and Training Thomas Higbee,, Ph.D., BCBA-D, LBA 435-797-1933 [email protected]
Early Childhood Alternative Teacher Preparation Program (EC-ATP) Barbara Fiechtl, PhD 435-797-3258 [email protected]
Idaho contact Gabriel Bargen, Ph.D. 208-373-1722 [email protected]
URLEND Idaho Distance Coordinator Laura Curtis, LWC 208-955-7328 [email protected]
URLEND Idaho Distance Coordinator Gwen Mitchell, M.Ed. 208-885-6191 [email protected]
URLEND North Dakota Site Coordinator Hilory Liccini 701-858-3008 [email protected]
URLEND Wyoming Coordinator Canyon Hardesty, M.S., CHES 307-766-5003 [email protected]
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