Cincinnati LEND (The University of Cincinnati) and Nisonger Center LEND (The Ohio State University)

December 19, 2017


The overall goal of this project was for the Nisonger Center and Cincinnati LEND to facilitate state-wide training on the opioid epidemic and its impact on children via web based training technology.

Objectives Accomplished: 

  • Faculty and Trainees developed the content for a training related to the opioid epidemic's impact on children. The target audience was those who provide care and services to young children.
  • Provided Trainees and Faculty with the necessary skills in order to develop a live web-based training format which can be easily accessed by a wide demographic of providers throughout our state.
The Ohio LEND programs developed a comprehensive online training module which is publically available at  

Primary Contacts: 

Andrea Witwer | [email protected]

Stephanie Weber | [email protected]