Our TA Services

ITAC provides a wide range of training and technical assistance (TA) services that support the important work of interdisciplinary training programs. We categorize our TA services into three main groups: universal, targeted, and intensive. A few examples of our TA services are listed below.

‌ Universal TA (meets the TA needs of all grantees)

  • Listservs for LEND Directors, DBP Directors, Data Coordinators, Trainees, LEND/DBP workgroups, and many others
  • Creation and delivery of resources, materials, and reports
  • Support for grantee peer-reviewed research
  • Delivery of webinars and trainings
  • Dissemination of important and timely information via newsletters and websites
  • Data management

‌ Targeted TA (meets the TA needs shared by many grantees)

  • Leadership and professional development opportunities for trainees
  • Scholarships for trainees
  • Workgroups addressing emerging issues pertinent to LEND and DBP grantees
  • Peer-to-peer networking through Special Interest Groups and other means
  • Orientation for new LEND and DBP Directors
  • Grantee meetings, such as LEND Directors meetings, DBP Fellow meetings, Autism CARES meetings, and TA meetings at the AUCD Annual Conference
  • Specialty meetings or trainings
  • Coordination with external partners
  • Quality improvement initatives and projects 

‌ Intensive TA (meets individual grantees' TA needs)

  • Responses to questions - no question is too big or small 
  • Expert referrals
  • Intensive (one-on-one) consultation 
  • Collaboration on funding opportunities or grantee projects
  • Individualized presentations, trainings, or seminars
  • LEND and DBP site visits


LEND/DBP faculty, staff, and trainees are encouraged to connect with ITAC staff either directly, submitting a question or request via [email protected], or through participation in the ITAC's advisory groups, planning committees, workgroups, or events. 



1100 Wayne Avenue, Suite 1000, Silver Spring, MD 20910


[email protected]

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