Are you a Trainee looking to develop your leadership skills? AUCD offers Trainees many opportunities to learn and apply communication strategies, contribute ideas and input that will influence national efforts, and build connections. AUCD has a variety of opportunities for new and more advanced Trainees!

We are always looking for enthusiastic, passionate, innovative, and mission-driven Trainees to represent (and strengthen) the AUCD Emerging Leaders Community! Since you are already taking the next step to become a more impactful leader through your traineeship, why not take it to the next level? Check out the positions below and see which one fits your goals and interests!

AUCD Emerging Leaders Interns

AUCD Virtual Trainee imageThe two AUCD Emerging Leaders Interns are big-picture thinkers who value building and enhancing a community among trainees and emerging leaders in meaningful and sustainable ways across all AUCD membership sites. They act as connection points between the national network and each Program/Center by ensuring trainees receive relevant information and opportunities related to leadership, research, grants, fellowships, emerging issues, and more. The interns will have opportunities to assist with planning and implementing trainee-focused activities during conferences, enhance communication and dissemination via social media, and more. The internship is paid and spans one academic year. Learn more about the AUCD Emerging Leaders Interns' responsibilities and how to apply in the future.

AUCD Trainee Liaisons

AUCD Virtual Trainee imageTrainee Liaisons (TLs) are trainees at AUCD member sites who volunteer to engage in information sharing on trainee-related matters between their Program/Center other AUCD member sites, and the AUCD national office. TLs engage in information sharing by providing the AUCD Emerging Leaders Interns and staff with direct access to trainee opinions, how to improve communication strategies and engagement, and share ideas of how to help trainees connect with the AUCD network. They play a vital role in encouraging and including trainees at their Program/Center to be actively engaged with the AUCD network. Learn more about how to become a Trainee Liaison today.

AUCD Emerging Leaders Advisory Board

AUCD Virtual Trainee imageThe Emerging Leaders Community is now accepting Emerging Leaders Advisory Board nominations! The Board will have quarterly virtual meetings with AUCD’s Program Manager for the Emerging Leaders Community and the AUCD Board of Directors representative for the Emerging Leaders Community. Participating in ongoing assessment of Emerging Leader activities and resources, reviewing products such as webinars, newsletters, events, and the website, and work with AUCD staff to advance Technical Assistance to be inclusive of all Emerging Leaders. Learn more about the AUCD Advisory Board responsibilities and how to apply in the future.

AUCD Council Trainee Representatives

Trainees are enthusiastic and eager for more variability and opportunities to demonstrate leadership within the AUCD network. In an ongoing request, trainees expressed an interest in opportunities for greater involvement with AUCD Councils. Specifically, trainees want involvement during their traineeship, rather than afterwards. They view the Councils as a professional means of being engaged with the network and a venue for actively pursuing their areas of interest. In addition to trainees’ requests, Council Chairs and leadership have expressed repeated interest in increasing trainee engagement, so the following plan was designed to address the expressed needs and desires of trainees and Council leadership. Learn more about how to become a Council Trainee Representative in the future.

AUCD Prepared4ALL Traineeship

Prepared4All logoPrepared4ALL Trainees work to make local emergency preparedness planning more inclusive. Prepared4ALL is an initiative of AUCD's National Center on Disability in Public Health. Though people with disabilities are impacted disproportionately by emergencies, disasters and pandemics, they are often left out of locality preparedness planning. Local emergency preparedness planners and disability organizations often do not know or trust each other. We know that local partnerships can lead to more equitable community outcomes, but how do we build those partnerships? Embedded within network centers, Prepared4ALL Trainees leverage the power of the AUCD network while responding to local needs. Prepared4ALL Trainees conduct on-the-ground action research, provide support to disability organizations, and share knowledge with each other. The purpose is to develop leaders who understand crucial inclusion priorities while growing the capacity of the AUCD network to plan and respond effectively to emergencies, disasters and pandemics. The Prepared4ALL Trainee program works well as a component of a LEND or UCEDD traineeship. Find out more about Prepared4ALL and becoming a Prepared4ALL Trainee here.