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The Non-Boring Way To Show Off Your Soft Skills In Your Job Search

Have you ever described yourself on your resume or in your cover letter as a "hard worker" with a "positive attitude" who is able to "learn quickly?" Let guess - did your job application seem to disappear into the HR black hole? Here's why. While the prevalence of applicant tracking systems, which match up job applications with the skills listed in the job description, has grown, in the end there's still a human doing the final screening. And humans don't connect with a series of keywords - they connect with good stories. In other words, don't sell yourself short by just throwing in flat, overused words to describe your soft skills.



Linked(In) to Your Resume: Job Search Success

While LinkedIn's primary purpose may be professional networking, helping everyone make more connections so they can succeed at their current jobs and establish a solid presence for their careers, recruiters and employers love LinkedIn. LinkedIn has become the Online Portfolio of millions of professionals, and it offers five very important benefits to job seekers when employers make the LinkedIn-resume comparison.



6 Interview Tips and Tricks for 2014

Is 2014 going to be the year you finally land your dream job? With budgets evaluated and annual goals set, many employers are ready to welcome a crop of new team members to start the year off right. If you want to get a jump on the competition and wow the hiring managers at your next job interview, follow these six resume and interviewing tips from career experts.



Five Tips for Better Resume Writing

First the good news. You do not have to be William Shakespeare to compose a solid, well-organized, professional-looking resume. All you need are the ability to express your ideas in proper English and an understanding of how a resume should be organized and written.Following are five simple writing principles that apply specifically to resumes.



Resume Writing Tips

Your resume is simply your written snapshot - a word picture of the unique combination of skills and qualities you offer an employer. Employers screen resumes in between 2.5 and 10 seconds, so your resume should quickly capture the reader's interest. There is an art to resume writing. Read more.



Rev up your Resume Today: 5 Quick Tips

This summer, whipping your resume into shape will put you into prime position when hiring heats up in the fall. These easy fixes take only a few minutes, so you don't have to spend your long summer evenings or weekends indoors working on your job search. Here are five to try that should make your CV more effective - in 20 minutes or less.



5 Things You Should Never Put on Your Resume

Which blunders will send your resume straight into oblivion? There might be dozens, depending on the job, but experts say these five common resume mistakes are most likely to derail your job search.



12 Myths About Writing Your Resume

As a dedicated job seeker, you've probably spent hours writing, tailoring and blasting your perfectly polished resume. You're confident you have done everything right: The flawless document is confined to one page; includes a clear objective; and lists a plethora of soft skills. But as it turns out, contrary to popular belief, those features don't necessarily make for an ideal resume. Read are 12 resume writing myths.



Five Top Resume Turnoffs

People make snap judgments about who you are within the first few seconds of meeting you. They do the same thing with your resume. So it's important to think about whether this potential door opener is making the best possible first impression. Apart from the obvious things that could get it tossed aside - like spelling or grammatical errors - you need to be aware of more subtle resume turnoffs. Here are five common mistakes.



4 Tips for Your Resume Update

Your resume is not just a listing of your professional experience; it is your brain on paper. A great resume can open a door even if you don't exactly have the exact skills that the company is looking for. Read how to get that resume into shape.



Power Up Your Resume for the New Year

The new year is at hand. With holiday parties over, now is the time to roll up your sleeves and execute your resolution to move your career to the next level. Use these powers to convey your unique value and distinguish yourself from all the other candidates who have had similar career paths and job descriptions as yours.



Maximizing Your Resume's Impact

It is difficult to begin a job search without a resume, and even more difficult to be successful without a well-written one. Here are some guidelines to keep in mind for developing an effective resume and, ultimately, enabling a successful job search.



How a Rock-Solid Resume Strengthens Your Job Search

In today's job search, a resume is foundational to the entire portfolio. Without a well-forged foundation, your entire communications strategy could crack and sink. The reason behind so many job-search flops and missteps is lack of a messaging infrastructure. So how do you set about constructing this easily navigable transportation network for your career influence conversation?



Resumes 2012: 5 Key Tips to Get Yours Noticed

With limited job opportunities and competition levels remaining high, your resume has to be top-notch. Not only does it need to make a dynamic first impression, it must also distinguish you from the competition and set you apart as the ideal candidate for the job. Read five tips to help ensure your resume is presenting you in a forceful and favorable light.



How to Improve your Resume: 6 Tips

Learn how to improve your resume with 6 easy tips.

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