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The Non-Boring Way To Show Off Your Soft Skills In Your Job Search

Have you ever described yourself on your resume or in your cover letter as a "hard worker" with a "positive attitude" who is able to "learn quickly?" Let guess - did your job application seem to disappear into the HR black hole? Here's why. While the prevalence of applicant tracking systems, which match up job applications with the skills listed in the job description, has grown, in the end there's still a human doing the final screening. And humans don't connect with a series of keywords - they connect with good stories. In other words, don't sell yourself short by just throwing in flat, overused words to describe your soft skills.



Self-Evaluations: The Key To Career Development

After the end of the fiscal year, many companies ask employees to complete self-evaluations. While many people scoff at this process and don't take it seriously, it can actually be a great opportunity to increase communication between you and your boss and improve your career development. This year, try taking a new approach with an invigorated attitude.



Professional Self Reflection

Use this tool to help reflect on where you are in your career and where you would like to be in the future. This becomes a critical first step in planning for continuing professional development and career management.



Becoming a Critic Of Your Thinking

There is nothing more practical than sound thinking. No matter what your circumstance or goals, no matter where you are, or what problems you face, you are better off if your thinking is skilled. As a manager, leader, employee, citizen, lover, friend, parent - in every realm and situation of your life - good thinking pays off. Poor thinking, in turn, inevitably causes problems, wastes time and energy, engenders frustration and pain. Read a sampling of all the possible ways in which the mind can work to discipline itself, to think at a higher level of quality, to function better in the world.



What Exactly Is Critical Thinking?

Everyone applauds the idea of critical thinking, and liberal arts colleges often make their ability to teach critical thinking a key selling point. But no one seems to define what they mean by that term. Read 5 essential thinking skills.



How To Improve Your Leadership Skills

Leadership skills can play a large role in career development. Often, your technical skills can only take you so far. To help you move forward in your career, you need soft skills such as the ability to be a good leader. Therefore, leadership skills are considered to be important traits which can help you get to the top of your career field. Read more to learn how to improve your leadership skills.



The Truth about the Importance of Critical Thinking

The majority of people know about the importance of critical thinking because they have an intuitive sense for it ? they know it when they see it. Read more to find out what constitutes critical thinking.



How to Turn an Obstacle into an Asset

What makes people successful? Successful people habitually turn obstacles into assets. Why should you react to a problem with gratitude, whether you are trying to start a business or create anything else? There are a number of reasons. Read more to find out the reasons.



Top Jobs for Critical Thinking

Not every job requires you to be a great critical thinker, but most do! Of course doctors and judges need above-average critical thinking and problem solving skills, but did you know critical thinking is just as important for archeologists and school counselors? Athletic trainers, sales managers, and real estate appraisers also need to know how to evaluate both sides of an issue, draw logical conclusions, and make good decisions. A fun critical thinking infographic to illustrate the top jobs requiring critical thinking skills was created - enjoy!



What You Need to Know about Why People Fail

"There are thousands of books on success. But very few on failure," begins Siimon Reynolds in Why People Fail. "Yet mastering failure is surely a vital step in achieving your aims, hopes, and dreams. "Failure leads to success-if you see it as a process. Reynolds has identified 16 reasons for failure.



A Guide for Summer Interns: Your Personal Matrix

As the midpoint of summer fast approaches, it's time to take stock of your summer internship and make sure you're moving in the right direction. Here's an instructive way to think about where you are now, where you're going, and how to get there-it's called Your Personal Matrix and it includes a snapshot of your Current Situation along with your Wish List of where you hope to go/be.



10 Ways to Beat the Blues in a Long Job Hunt

It's hard to stay upbeat when you've been pounding the pavement for months on end. Here are a few tips on how to stay in the game.



Negotiation Strategy and Tactics: Basic Principles Before You Begin

Everyday, you negotiate. Many of the most important negotiations that will impact your professional advancement involve your employment and salary. Learn some strategies and tactics to help you.

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