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Iowa LEND Trainees Explore the Intersection of Mental Health, Disability, and Incarceration

This year, 27 trainees completed the Iowa Leadership Education in Neurodevelopmental and Related Disabilities (Iowa LEND) program. Their graduation ceremony was held on May 5, two days after they had presented at the third annual virtual Iowa LEND Research Poster Symposium. As in previous years, the Symposium provided an impressive display of the talent, hard work and dedication of these emerging leaders.



Connecting Trainees on a State Level: California Maternal and Child Health Leadership Training Network

n article highlighting the California Maternal and Child Health Leadership Training Network (CAMCHLTN), a leadership project developed by the trainees of the California Leadership Education in Neurodevelopmental and Related Disabilities (CA-LEND) Training Program at USC University Center for Excellence in Developmental Disabilities, based at Children's Hospital Los Angeles and affiliated with the USC Keck School of Medicine



Iowa LEND Trainees Begin the Year with a Poverty Simulation

What is it like to live without enough money to buy groceries for your family? Or pay for bus fare to get to the market? How do you find a job that provides a living wage? Or get to a job interview if you can't afford child care for your toddler? The new class of trainees from Iowa's LEND program encountered these issues and others, while participating in a poverty simulation to launch their training year.



Active Leadership in the Tucson Community (Arizona LEND)

What a bittersweet end to a fantastic traineeship for the University of Arizona LEND cohort! Over the past nine months, Arizona LEND has been involved in some great Leadership Projects designed to step outside of their comfort zones and serve people with disabilities and complex medical needs in Tucson. From neighborhood playgrounds to customized websites, the trainees in this cohort came together to make the most of their skill sets. Here are some of the highlights.

LEND Audiology trainees and faculty discuss the role of audiologists in supporting families to accessing timely diagnostic services.


LEND Audiology Trainees Learn Strategies for Early Diagnosis at EHDI 2019

The 18th annual Early Hearing Detection and Intervention (EHDI) Meeting welcomed nearly 1,000 diverse stakeholders on March 4-6 in Chicago, IL. The EHDI Meeting brings together those who work in state-based EHDI Programs, assist in EHDI efforts on the federal level, provide screening, diagnostic, and early intervention support at the state level to young children who are deaf and hard of hearing and their families, and deaf and family advocates. The Meeting is organized by the American Academy of Pediatrics, Hands and Voices, U.S. Department of Health and Human Services: Health Resources and Services Administration, and National Center for Hearing Assessment & Management at Utah State University.



Vanderbilt Kennedy Center's (IDDRC, UCEDD, LEND) LEND Self-advocate Trainees Learn from and Demonstrate the Benefits of Inclusive Environments

Author: Courtney Taylor

The definition and purpose of disability inclusion is to be sure that everyone has the same opportunities to participate in every aspect of life to the best of their abilities and desires. In the 2018-19 academic year, the Vanderbilt Kennedy Center (IDDRC, UCEDD, LEND) Consortium LEND (VCL) Training Program through the Vanderbilt Kennedy Center welcomed two self-advocates to their cohort of trainees for the first time.

An SC LEND trainee and practicing nurse presented on information related to providing specialized training for school nurses working with students with disabilities.


SC LEND Trainees Attend the Nurturing Developing Minds Conference

The members of the South Carolina LEND program recently attended a state conference in March 2019 focusing on research and initiatives that are driven to create supportive environments to help children and their families flourish. The Nurturing Developing Minds conference provided several opportunities to the LEND trainees, including attending reviews of recent research and policies on developmental surveillance and screening (with a particular emphasis on the Help Me Grow nationwide initiative) and on the long-term risks of spanking and promising interventions (i.e., the No Hit Zone)



The Center for Diversity in Public Health Leadership Training at Kennedy Krieger 2019 Center Activities (MD UCEDD/LEND)

The Center for Diversity in Public Health Leadership Training at Kennedy Krieger Institute provides innovative and real-world experiential learning for diverse undergraduate, post-baccalaureate and graduate school scholars interested in maternal and child, public health, and eliminating health disparities.



2016-17 MNLEND Fellow Publishes!

Jack Reagan, current 2016-17 MNLEND Fellow recently co-published a brief based on the FINDS 2010 data surveying family caregivers. The data he analyzed within the FINDS survey focused on the emotional and physical markers affecting family caregivers. These markers have both positive and negative association to their related outcomes for family caregivers.



MNLEND Alumna Publishes!

Last year, I was very fortunate to be a LEND Fellow at the University of Minnesota. I applied because I was embarking on my PhD dissertation in nursing and wanted to explore the experience of families of children who lived with severe autism. The LEND experience not only provided an in-depth education in neurodevelopmental disorders, but also the LEND staff helped me access families who would ultimately participate in my research. This research ultimately changed the way I understand families who live with a severe chronic condition such as severe autism.



Ohio's LEND Trainees Showcase Their Research at the UC UCEDD-Nisonger Poster Symposium

In the entire state of Ohio, there are 39 trainees enrolled in the LEND program. The program culminates with an annual poster symposium featuring the trainees' research projects. This year, Cincinnati Children's Hospital Medical Center had the honor of hosting the event.



AUCD/Easter Seals Project ACTION Sponsored Project: Transportation for People with Disabilities



University of Pittsburgh (LEND) Fellow Investigates Maternal Distress & Problem-Solving Skills of Newly Diagnosed Cancer Cases: Implications for Culturally-Competent Care

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